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Zune Music Players In the News Today (And Apple Tuesday)



image Mobile music players are the talk of the town right now!!  Microsoft and Apple hitting new news at the same time… planned by MS????

Details have been flying around about some new Zune players, and now they are official.  120GB and 16GB players are being released – 120 with a HD and the 16 is full of flash memory.  Along with the hardware – Microsoft Zune is getting some new software!  Looks like it will allow WIFI downloading of songs and the ability to play some games.

Then tomorrow is something coming from Apple – updating the iPod line with… Well, we’ll see tomorrow, but there is speculation all over the board.  New iTunes, new iPhone OS, subscription services (I wish) and some other ‘secret’ releases.  We’ll have to wait till tomorrow to see what Apple is bringing to the table…  Maybe the picture below??


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