Pressure Sensitive Inking on iPad

TenOneDesign is teasing us with something that might never be. In the video below you can see them using a PogoSketch stylus to Ink on an iPad. Yes, there’s Palm Rejection, but unfortunately the algorithms involved from the InkLet product take advantage of private frameworks and Apple usually rejects Apps that do this as they may break over time.

Like I said, it’s a tease. But a tantalizing one.

Via MacRumors


  1. People want to write on a slate with a pen. Developers are trying to enable it on crapgadget specifically designed to prohibit it. Hardware manufacturers are stubbornly refusing to sell slates that would make it easy. Insanity.

  2. I agree just looking at what the Application developers are doing, it really is amazing. but it falls short not for a lack of trying, but because the hardware fails. If the iPad had an active digitizer with touch. Well I shudder to think what would happen to the Tablet PC market.

  3. Wow, the lag on that thing is horrible. Coming from the tablet pc world, give me a wacom enabled slate tablet pc any day.

    I’ve been holding out on dropping cash on either the Motion J3500 or the Scribbler sc4100 tablets until a thin netbook type slate hits the market, with wacom dualtouch.

    A netbook with the form factor of the ipad, plus a full version of windows 7, and a wacom dualtouch digitizer is what I’m waiting for.

    Any .. day.. now?

  4. Yes, it does seem odd that a void exists where sensibly there ought to be at least one such device.

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