HTC ThunderBolt Owners Reporting Random Reboots after Update

It has become apparent that numerous HTC ThunderBolt owners are experiencing random reboots after installing yesterday’s update that was supposed to bring nothing but good stuff to Verizon’s 4G LTE device.

HTC ThunderBolt

I had seen some chatter about this last night and it looks like it’s gaining steam because Droid-Life has thrown up a report indicating that numerous users are experiencing random rebooting after installation. One guy is even saying that his ThunderBolt has rebooted 6 times in the last 24 hours. This was a known issue with the leaked update that appeared a couple of weeks ago so it’s no surprise that it’s surfacing with the official one.

The random reboots don’t seem to be affecting everybody and our own Kevin Purcell’s device has not experienced any problems since he updated yesterday. And from I’m hearing from other ThunderBolt users, it looks like battery life has improved as has 3G connectivity.

So, it looks like it may just be a few rotten eggs (generally happens with every Android update) but if you’re having issues, feel free to chime in. One quick solution might be to power down your device manually and let it sit, I don’t know, for 10 minutes while off and see what happens.

How’s the update treating everyone?


    • Update has been a complete disaster.  Reboot over 20 times a day or more.  Called VW – USELESS – they wanted me to factory reset the phone.  Anyone else experiencing similar nonsense ?   ready to claim my 50% buyback and get a different phone.  NOT GOOD : – (

      • So VW suggests a Hard Reset – ignoring the many hours spent configuring their expensive device.  Silent about an update to fix their update, when Gingerbead is being released, and request for a billing credit.  The more they hear from us, the better . . . . .   

        • I have the same problem with my Droid Incredible after the last OTA back in November.  The tech at verizon I spoke with called referred to it as a power cycle.  For some reason it always happens when trying to stream video either from youtube, the net, and now it happens while trying to stream netflix.  It also happens during some app use, really anytime when lots of data is being used up.  It’s annoying. I went through 2 replacement phones.  Can’t wait to switch back to Apple when the new iPhone 5 comes out.

      • I have gone into VW about 3 times since I got the phone a few days ago and they always tell me the same thing… ‘Its the APPS you have, here let me reset your phone’ which doesnt make any sense because my phone retrieves the applications that are downloaded before i reset it. They are frustrating.

  1.  This is a real bum deal mainly because I’m still having 4G dropouts on connection even with this update. No random reboots, however. Plus, I sure hope the 4G problem I have is fixed with 2.3 update in the future from Verizon.

  2.  This is a real bum deal mainly because I’m still having 4G dropouts on connection even with this update. No random reboots, however. Plus, I sure hope the 4G problem I have is fixed with 2.3 update in the future from Verizon.

  3.  We just got our Thunderbolts on Monday! I’ve had 3 random reboots so far since update this morning. Husband reported a random reboot yesterday, haven’t talked to him yet today. So, there’s no fix if the manual powerdown doesn’t work? We have to bring our phones back to the store for new ones????

    • What is the Software number on your device.. Settings->About Phone->Software information->Software number?

  4. Have had two random reboots today thus far. I’m starting to think I made a mistake switching from my HTC incredible to this…and the Incredible has netflix now to make it all worse!

  5.  i got the thunderbolt 2 days ago, and the rep told me about the update. so far i haven’t read to much into the update but my phone has rebooted 5 times. what was the update supposed to do anyways?

  6. I have had 5 reboots, plus by phone can’t make any calls unless I reboot my phone, then I can make calls. When 10-15 minutes past after my phone reboots, I can no longer make any calls, browse the market, look at my gmail or anything that requires internet connection. I have to reboot my phone again to do those types of activities.

    I called Verizon and they are sending me a new TB, but I hope that I don’t have these issues with the new one. If so, I want my old Droid 1 back.

    The TB is a great phone when it works. I guess this is what product testing feels like.

  7. no settings changed, my phone has rebooted about four times, but my battery goes from full to dead in about four hours. Never expected it could actually get worse!!!!!!

  8. Since receiving the update, my Thunderbolt has been rebooting on average 3-4 times a day.  The GPS is still totally inaccurate with my current location, and Maps and Navigation take at least 5-10 minutes to lock on.  Nice “fix” Verizon

  9.  Is this someone’s idea of a joke?  Since the update my LTE coverage has been replaced with sporadic moments of EVDO and 1XRTT service.  Is that what they meant about improving 3G connectivity?  After about an hour of rebooting and battery pulling I was able to make a voice call… What I really don’t understand is how Verizon and HTC can get away without having a realtime support venue to at least let users know they care about the problem and are working on a resolution.

  10.  Mine has rebooted about 5 times per day since the update. I talked to Verizon and HTC tech support and they recommend resetting the phone. They said it won’t remove the update but will “apply it correctly” after the factory reset. I’m not looking forward to having to rebuild the phone again though.

    • I did this two days ago and my phone still reboots though not as often.  I still have trouble once in a while with the internet connection going completely away for no reason.  Have to reset to get it back. 

  11.  i had over 30 reboots since i updated my thunderbolt how can i fix it with out factory rest to much to lose HELP!!!!! since i updated my thunderbolt how can i fix it with out factory rest to much to lose HELP!!!!!

  12.  I’ve had my phone for 2 weeks and after updating it, i’ve had SEVERAL random reboots. 

    I updated Saturday afternoon and had 6 reboots. Sunday I had 7 reboots. I’m kind of upset by this… I bought a ridiculously expensive phone to have this problem? Are you kidding me?

    It always happens when i’m actually doing something and I lose what I was trying to say…

    • Since the update, i’m having severe battery drain issues. 2 hours after unplug. no usage – 30% remaining

  13. Mine reboot 4 or 5 times a day.and ive had to remove the battery a couple times to get it to power on at all

  14. Got my thunderbolt yesterday and have experienced one reboot. Thenproblem I’m having is freezing on start up. I’m also having problems making phone calls. Not a good impression of verizon with this.

  15.  I have had the Thunderbolt since day 1.  I feel like a got a good one, I haven’t had any problems.  I live in Brooklyn, NY so complete 4G coverage.  I didn’t have any text problems of disappearing SMS threads or anything.  My sister got a Thunderbolt in Norwalk, CT and all she did was complain, this was before the update.  She said the phone rain really hot all the time, batter died fast even with all the tricks done, etc.  I do see the 4G drop some times though, not too bad though and not more then it did with my other 3G phones really.  I got the update though and I notice absolutely no change.  It said it was supposed get faster GPS, and make the weather app be more localized, I haven’t noticed that at all.  The GPS acts exactly the same.  Sometimes as it has always been, it is a little slow to find location after I turn it on and use Google navigation.  Also the weather app is not more local, it says Brooklyn, NY but it doesn’t say neighborhood like Park Slope like I know it could.  Battery life is the same, etc.

  16. Ive had my thunderbolt for about a month and a half I was told to do the reboot and my speaker and mic will work again and I wont have sms error messages anymore. well I dont have those issues anymore but my phone literally reboots once ever/everyother hr at minimum. I left T-mobile expecting this to be better new top of the line android 4G LTE not as good as they made it seem Im going to call and bitch and hope to either get a new phone or my money back for an un happy angry pissed off unsatisfied. They also told me there was a new update coming, I havent gotten anything yet has anyone else??

    • Hi Kayyemarie,
          I have been having the same issue and I called 2 Verizon reps and they said the promised me that the fix/update will be comming in the middle of July. So I hope they are right becase this reboot thing is anoying. Lets hope no to much longer and they are being honest,

      • I called repetitive and they sent me a new one out it occasionally does the
        reboots but not hourly like my old one. I’m disappointed.

  17. For those of you considering a factory reset, don’t.  I have already tried that and it doesn’t help.  SMS is sometimes screwed up on TB, and I get error messages like “You’re not connected to the internet” even though a strong 3G signal.

  18. After the update, my t.b. has been rebooting randomly at least twice a day or more. I noticed that whenever it does this, there is no sound on its trademark start-up video. I’ve tried everything, BUT a factory reset. Any ideas?

  19. I hate it. I have one of the bad eggs. I had the phone for 2 months and then I did the update and my phone started acting crazy. I went to Verizon and the said I could only get a refurbished phone. Which is crap since I had only done what they told me to. I finally said okay because my phone would cut on and off all day, so I never could get a phone call, text or emails. This is the only way for anyone to reach me. Anyway the phone I got was all scratched up and acted up worse then my original thunderbolt. I went to Verizon and asked to speak to the store manager who was worthless. If anyone can help please let me know.

    • No fun at all, sorry. I did a full factory reset and formatted my SD card and it’s working much better now. Some have said this problem seems to be caused by many/multiple email accounts, so if thats your case, you may want to try and minimize that.

  20. This is my second Thunderbolt and it keeps rebooting just like the first. Up to every 15 minutes it will even do it while charging at night, while playing a games, texting or e-mailing this and the battery life is the only bad things I have  found  wrong with it 

  21. My boyfriend and the salesperson at VW both convinced me NOT to wait for the iphone 5 and instead go for the htc thunderbolt. the day i got the phone the thing rebooted at least 5 times. Now it reguarly reboots or shutsoff at least 4 times a day everyday, every single day. Yet, everytime I take it in to the store they just want to ‘wipe’ it saying that the problem is my apps… that they do not work with 4G… why are they available?? And why would reseting the phone help anything is because the apps get restored when the phone starts back up…

  22.  I have had this “reboot thing” happen to me 5 or more times a day. Its starting to get very anoying but I talked to 2 verizon reps and they personally checked it out and said the fix/gingerbread 2.3 will be comming out in the middle of the month (July). So I must say I am looking foward to that because the reboot seems to be getting worse and worse day by day.

  23. I had the same problems with a Droid x and gingerbread fixed it. My thunderbolt reboot every 5 – to min.

  24. Installed the new software and my HTC Thunderbolt still reboots…not
    quite as much as it used to but is still does. This is a POC phone in
    my opinion…I mean it works great, when it is working….the rebooting
    issue is a nuisance. I may convert over to the iPhone…

  25. Hey everyone I have a friend that has one of these over priced pieces of shit and we are trying to reboot it right now but if I was a customer and bought a phone like you all did and have gotten nothing but a shitty phone, crappy service, and yanked around all the time. I would pull together and file a class action lawsuits against these companies. You signed a contract promising to pay x amount for a service and bought there device to use and none of it works properly which they r obligated by contract to provide to all of you if you r paying for it as a customer. They shouldn’t be giving you a refurbished phone in place of one that was bought new and the problem is in there hardware or software on there end and not caused by you missusing it. I would call who ever I needed to above management to get results and if nothing is done tell them ur proceeding with legal actions against them. When ur phones decide not to wrk it could potentially cost a lot of you lost time, money, mental anguish, and potentially a life saving call if it’s not working during an emergancy. I wish you all the best of luck with this.

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