Hands on with Inking on the HTC Flyer

Chris Davies of SlashGear has an HTC Flyer in his hands and has put up a video that demonstrates the Inking functionality for that device. He also talks about just how kooky HTC seems to be viewing the Inking and pen features it has obviously taken pains to incorporate into the device. As others have said, Chris points out that HTC has made some noise that it won’t include the stylus with the Flyer when it makes it eventually makes it to US shores. Not only that, but the pen will be available for a pretty steep price, at least at Best Buy. I call FAIL.

But, anyway, here’s the video for you to check out. After the unboxing and walk around, Chris gives a good look at what you can and cannot do with the stylus.


  1. I was under the impression that it had been sorted out that it will ship with a stylus, except at best buy – which will sell it separately?

  2. Well – I think I am going to hold off anyway.
    I like some of the touches they have added here but will wait to see that they do update to android 3+.
    Also – I know there are a few other pen solutions coming.
    Not least of which, and one I really want to see, is lenovo.
    I know from experience that a strong dock is something I will also utilize and lenovo certainly has the history to potentially do all this very, very right.
    The other thing I am anxious to see is what asus brings with the neonode zforce screen that is supposed to be coming later this year.

    All-in-all, I don’t ‘need’ anything right away.  So I will sit back and watch the tide rise a little bit more is all I’m saying.

  3. Flyer’s PDF Reader (comes from Foxit) really should be renamed or something, it does more than just reading, like signing a PDF with a pen. That’s exactly what pen experience is about (guess we are not used to finger signing yet!)

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