Sprint to Launch New Tablet Data Plans with HTC EVO View 4G?

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Come June 24th when the HTC EVO View View 4G comes on sale, it appears that Sprint will launch new data plans to support the multi-mode 3G/4G WiMax tablet. The carrier will have $20 for 1 GB and a $30 for 2 GB plans. Moving up to $45 will net users 3 GB of 3G data and unlimited 4G usage on the Now Network and $60 and $90 will net 5 GB and 10 Gb of 3G data respectively with unlimited 4G provisioning as well. It seems that the basic $20 and $30 plans will be 3G-only, lacking access to 4G data.

All the plans and price points mentioned are for contract-free plans, meaning you can terminate these plans whenever you don’t need data.  While pricing for the plans themselves don’t require a contract, you are bound to a two-year agreement if you purchase your EVO View 4G tablet under a subsidized discount.

However, if you’re a current Sprint subscriber for your smartphone, there will be discounts available for some of the higher priced data plans. Beginning with the $45 plan, users can get a $10 monthly discount off of their tablet data plan.

It’s unclear what effects these new data plans would have on the rumored Sprint family data share plans.

Via: Android Police

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