How to get the New Android Market With Movies & Books Now

Google MarketGoogle announced a new and improved Android Market for phones, which will offer more top app lists, books, movies and an improved layout this week. The new Android Market is a noticeable improvement over the old clunky looking marketplace. The new look will start rolling out to phones over the next month, but if you can’t wait we will show you how to get the latest Android Marketplace experience on your phone right now.

The new great news is that you don’t need to be rooted or even on the latest Gingerbread Android OS to get the updated Android Market today. The new market is known as Android Market v 3.0.26.

Here are the directions to install the new Android Market on your phone. You do not need to be rooted to use the new market, and in fact won’t get the full experience if you are rooted.

  1. Download from our mirror [Android Police] (no intermediate pages – direct link here) to your phone. If that doesn’t work for some reason, here’s a second mirror.
  2. Browse to it in your favorite file manager, such as ASTRO
  3. Click the file, then select Open App Manager
  4. Select Update
  5. You now have new Market v 3.0.26

The new layout is quite smooth and after using the new market app for a day, wouldn’t want to go back to the old version. The addition of app lists should help me find new apps easier based on popularity.

The biggest disappointment is that rooted phones do not have access to movies. Google states that this is due to DRM issues, and it wouldn’t be the first time we have seen root users punished for wanting to use their device how they see fit.


If you don’t want to jump into the new market from a download you can wait for Google to send an update to your phone. This is a minor update, so it should come across pretty fast for most devices.

Google Market Summer 2011 Update Overview Video

Via Android Police


  1. sam bowlby says

    My phone is rooted. I wouldn’t want to pay $2.99 to $3.99 to watch a movie on a tiny screen anyway.  

  2. Bonediggidy13 says

    Looks great on HTC Thunderbolt! I probably wont buy and read a book on a phone as there r free book aps and probably won’t rent a movie and watch it on here but it is nice to have the option. Great job giving people more of the options like itunes store. I am surprised music was not added into the market as well but I guess the music app does the job. Props to Google!

    • Kyle says

      If I ever got a tablet the new Android market would definitely be a good new selling point!

  3. rgray318 says

    Also does NOT work on my Vibrant using latest CM7. Just force closes, I remove it and anything else related to market, re-install the old market and upon second opening it is back to the new version which then force closes 5 seconds after opening. I have even removed the updates to the market via app manager and it STILL updates itself and then force closes. So thanks to forcing this onto me, I now no longer have a working market on my phone. Thanks Google for screwing this up.

  4. Sexxylady0304 says

    Thanks so much! I just upgraded to an htc wildfire and the market wouldn’t update on its own.

  5. Crazin626 says

    They need to update the devour market it has none of the top rated apps anymore please please update if u don’t only more reason to go to aple products

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