Dell Streak 5 Gets Discontinued

In a move that probably won’t shock anybody, current owners included, Dell has gone ahead and quietly discontinued the Dell Streak 5, you know that sort of phone, sort of tablet, sort of whatever Android device that you heard about but never bought.

We had a feeling the Dell Streak 5’s days were numbered when Dell announced the Dell Streak 7 , another member of the Dell Streak family that will likely be heading to the same graveyard as the Dell Streak 5 in the near future.

Dell Streak 5

Dell’s website says that the Streak 5 had a great ride and I can’t help but think that might be the overstatement of the century. The Dell Streak 5 lived a rather rough life from I’ve seen.

Anybody sad to see it go? And does anyone actually still own one of these?

Are those crickets I hear?

Via: Android Central


  1. I’ve had one since they launched almost. I’ve never been sure why everyone seems to dislike it so much. It does everything I expect it to do very well. It fits in my pocket, takes pictures, works as a ebook reader, and can play games. It’s not a true tablet (I need a pen for that) but I can’t think of any phone that is.

  2. The streak is a superb piece of technology. Just the right size to carry around in your pocket and does everything a larger tablet does. My favourite ever gadget!

  3. I have had one since launch… and other than the extreme delay on the 2.2 update through att… I have no complaints. Its solid and well built… great for movies and music… and after having a screen this large its gonna be hard to find anything else that compares…

  4. People who don’t have one don’t get it, people who have one LOVE it! Marketed so poorly and sadly not supported, Dell dropped the ball on what could have been a fantastic segment in the market…pocket sized tablets!

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