14 Days With the iPhone 4S: An Android Switcher

For the past 14 days, I have been using an iPhone 4S as my primary phone.

Up until October 14th, I was a very happy Android user, one that appreciated the iPhone as a competitor, but didn’t really see myself using an iPhone as my primary device.

Update: 6 Months With the iPhone 4S

I outlined my major concerns of switching from Android to iPhone before the iPhone 4S launch, so I felt it was only right to share what I discovered after spending some time with the iPhone 4S.

Since picking it up on October 14th, I have used the iPhone 4S for all my smartphone needs, bringing my HTC ThunderBolt and the Droid Bionic along in my backpack for comparisons.


5 Things the iPhone 4S Does Better

iPhone 4S reviewThe iPhone 4S, combined with iOS 5 delivers a solid user experience, and beats Android in a few key areas.


While I am not often left wanting for the basic apps on Android, I have enjoyed the iPhone App experience for the past 2 weeks. While using the same sets of apps, such as Facebook and Yammer, the iPhone versions looked more polished and worked better.

There are a number of games on the iPhone that aren’t yet on Android, which has also made the experience pleasant. My current favorite is the 99 cent Bike Baron, which is loads of fun. You can also get the new Modern Combat 3 on the iPhone 4S today, but it isn’t yet available for Android. The iPhone version also supports AirPlay to take your action to the big screen.

It’s also great to get access to media apps without the need to root or look for a hacked version. This has gotten better on Android, specifically with Netflix, but Hulu Plus is still limited to a select number of devices.

Voice Control

The base user experience with Voice is much better on the iPhone 4S than on Android thanks to Siri. While you can install third party apps to bring some of Siri’s features to Android devices, the inclusion of Siri gives the iPhone a lead.


You may laugh, but I am using Siri to check the weather, set alarms, Tweet, post to Facebook and much more.

The dictation, or voice to text on the iPhone 4S is also light years ahead of what I have experienced on Android. Also, correcting one word is easier than on Android, which loves to delete entire sentences.


I was very worried that the 3.5″ display wouldn’t be a good fit for me, but after two weeks, I really enjoy the Retina display. The higher resolution allows me to see a decent amount. The Reader functionality allows me to turn almost any webpage into an even more readable format as well. An added bonus is the easy pocketability of the iPhone 4S.


The iPhone still isn’t perfect, but when it comes to performance, it handles basic functions much better. Too often on Android I have to wait for apps or the system to catch up. While dual-core phones like the Droid Bionic help with this, there are still more times on Android where things don’t just work.

Battery Life

The battery life on the iPhone 4S has been a big win over Android devices. Granted I am comparing 4G Android devices to the 3G iPhone, but I have used all of these Android smartphones in 3G coverage, and still haven’t been pleased with the battery life on Android. I had to purchase an extended HTC ThunderBolt battery just to get to the end of the day on 3G.

With the iPhone 4S, I can go to the end of the day without any issues. I picked up a Mophie Juice Pack Air to use at conferences, but for day to day use I don’t need to carry a charger.

5 Things Android Does Better

Motorola Droid Bionic AndroidAndroid isn’t beat by the iPhone, in fact there are a number of key areas that Android handles better than the iPhone.

Gmail and Google Voice

On the iPhone I am syncing my Gmail account, but without Priority Inbox support, I have to use the webmail client. The unexpected benefit of this is a life without email notifications, but the web app cannot compare to the Gmail app for Android.

Google Voice is also lackluster on the iPhone, unless you are on Sprint. Unless you add extra contact information, you can forget about using Siri to interact with people through your Google Voice number. In order to get a full Google Voice experience, I will have to jailbreak the iPhone 4S.


Google Navigation brings turn by turn GPS navigation to every Android phone, free of charge. On the iPhone you get Maps, but no turn by turn directions. Let’s face it, without turn by turn directions I may as well go back to printing out Yahoo Maps like I did in 2003.

Yes, you can purchase navigation apps like Navigon for $59.99, but that’s a major expense compared to the price of Google Navigation.

File Access

Another thing I miss on the iPhone is the ability to get access to all of my files with an explorer app. Something as easy as figuring how big a video file is on Android requires a cable and a computer. Especially since it was too big to upload with Dropbox.


While I don’t like the need to root just to get access to a new app, I do enjoy installing new ROMs on Android, for a new look or streamlined OS.

I’m hoping that the ability to jailbreak will fill this need in time, but for now, point to Android.


I love the Android buttons for search, menu and back.

There are so many times when I want to go back one screen or have to figure out where this app has hidden the settings menu. As for search, there is spotlight, but it takes more taps to get there and to search than it does on Android.

I don’t see Apple adding buttons to the iPhone, so it will be interesting to see how I adapt to this over the long term.

Could I Switch Completely?

Unlike many readers who will have to make a full switch, I have added a line to my account so that I can go back and forth between iPhone and Android.

For the short term, I am still going to keep my iPhone 4S in my pocket and have whichever Android device I have as a secondary device. I’ll be bouncing back and forth as I review new phones to see which one I would pick.

Since smartphones are such a personal choice, I won’t presume to tell you what phone you should use a primary device, but the iPhone has certainly gained several recommendations to friends and family whose needs and habits I know.

Stay tuned for more thoughts on switching from Android to iPhone.


    • for me i don’t think a new os will make a difference unless they make th
      music app work more like the iPhone and if it makes all the ppl who
      develop iPhone apps develop of the android.Like the nexus has a nice bigger screen better processor but what do i do on an android just put custom roms on it?

      • someguy obviously hasn’t used ICS4.0 and the IPhone has a lot of great apps but the music app sucks

    • 6 hours after full charge, limited use texting and 2 phone calls, and I’m down below 30%

      Iphone has smoother transitions and better browser experience than my Droid (the original) but I miss the Keyboard, Back Button, and blinking green notification light :)

      • There is a way to temp fix the battery issue -> go into Settings, Location Services, System Services (all the way at the bottom) and TURN OFF ‘Setting Time Zone’.  There is a noted bug with this that will be fixed in the next iOS 5 release (it has been on the 5.0.1 developer release).  For now, setting this OFF will help with the battery issue.

    • The battery is actually really good on my iphone 4s. I charge it once and lasts me throughout the day, even when i record lectures text and email throughout the day. :) but i do miss the android family.

  1. Why doesn’t he just wait for the iPhone 5 and than compare it to the GNexus it won’t be even close!!!!!

    • when will come ip 5, will be another Nexus phone to compare, more powerful then Galaxy Nexus, because Apple does’nt inovate like 2-3 years ago.

      • People can’t count. There will NEVER be an iPhone 5. It will be a 6th gen phone so it would make no sense to call it “5” anything.

        • The 3GS was not called 4 because it was not 4 anything, not the 4th gen nor 4g. So why would you call it iPhone 4, and why is he retarded for think it won’t be just IPhone or IPhone 6 and not iPhone 5?

        • The 4S is an upgrade to the 4, much like the 3GS was an upgrade to the 3G. 

          And guess what? after the 3GS came the……..wait for it………….

          iPhone 4!

        • You’re stupid dude on the comment of no iPhone 5. Yes their will be an iPhone 5, and how do I know this is because my father works for Apple, Inc. Besides the point the only reason why there isn’t an iPhone 5 that came out in 2011 is because iPhone features will be superior to the recent versions due to Apple, Inc. is waiting for patents to go though, and their waiting on new processor chips, including a new Retina Display Glass. Also every year an iPhone comes out the following year there’s an updated version of the previous one. In reality Apple wanted to do a new iPhone every 2yrs, but Steve Jobs stepped in, and said NO because he proffered an updated version with buggy fixes from the previous iPhone. iPhone 5 will be out late August 2012 with a lot of surprises, and it’ll be working on T-Mobile USA for all you T-Mobile fans.

      • Interesting that you think that Apple doesn’t innovate like 2-3 years ago. That was the same thing people said about the iPhone 3GS. They said the same thing about the iPad (1 & 2). In fact, they say the same things just about every time Apple releases a new product.

    • The 6-month-old SGSII is a better comparison to the ip4s. And yes, Apple users will have to wait until next summer for an ip5 to compete with the G-Nex that’ll be released in a few days here.

  2. You are comparing the latest and greatest from Apple, a dual core iPhone4S with iOS5. The least you can do is do the same on Android with dual core Galaxy Nexus and Android 4.0.

  3. Some wrong conclusions about iPhone here…  You absolutely can easily add Gmail accounts to the Mail app on iPhone, you don’t need to use the web client.  Search is one swipe away from home screen, I cannot see how this is more taps to get to than with a dedicated button.  So 2 of your 5 things better on Android are not really true.

    • this review is part of a series he has done comparing 4s and android. in earlier articles he explained better the Gmail issues. which still is an issue.

    • I was going to point out the same thing! And voice navigation is easily achieved with the standout Traffic app WAZE, free of charge or SKOBBLER… Just sayin…

  4. I have both i4s and SGS2, SGS2 shits all over 4s performance wise, battery life is doubled on the SGS, the retnia display is nice but i prefer the AMOLED. All in all not a real good comparison at all. Iphone is good for basic use and for a user with no knowledge o ftech. But I would recommend the SGS over anything on the market for anyone who is a little bit tech savvy.

    • Really? I have both devices as well and would pick the fluid user experience of iPhone every time. Well, to each his own.

    • I had the SGS2 and I prefer the iPhone 4s over it, I think the Motorola Razr is better than the SGS2.

  5. after i sold my ip 4, i played with SGS 2 and after 2 weeks I bought one. Now I am 100% sure that I will never come back to iphone!

    • My Infuse taught me the same lesson!  Waiting for the Nexus to hit AT&T.  Might hold out for the quad cores.

    • I know a lady that said the same thing. Three months and four Android phones later, she is back to an iPhone 4 (not even the 4S yet), because of all the problems she experienced with her Android phones – including the SGS 2.

      However, every person is different and you may very well work better with the SGS 2.

      • after 4 months I am still with the SGS2, updated to ICS, Apple lounched 4s, with no design changes :D , I am still remaining an SGS 2 user,

      • I have had a few Android phones e.g Motorola Razr, SGS2, Atrix, Lg 3D, HTC EVO3D and the Nexus S, the problem is as a user you are always trying to get the device to run smoother, improve and tweak, and that’s my only problem with Android, its just not quite there yet, even ICS needs to be adjusted to run well, But then people call it customizing. 

  6. Dont’t you miss widgets, eg to have a cal on yoyr home screen or many others? Customization? Isn’t it boring to just have those static icons?

    • Too bad it has a Pentile screen – same sub-pixel count as the iPhone 4/4S, but at 720p.  That won’t fare too well with me and at 4.5+ inch screen may make it too cumbersome to use as a daily phone.
      I keep jumping back and forth from iPhone to Android (loving AT&T return policy) and have tried out the Atrix 2 and SGS II for a couple of weeks each.  The SGS II is the smoothest Android experience I’ve had with ‘droid, but radio issues forced me to return it.  I just couldn’t get the Wifi or cell-radio range that my iPhone did.  The Atrix 2 was almost a smooth as the SGS II, had a better display for outside use, but having issues with losing apps/SD card/ & wifi turning off and on sporadically.  Still have it, but activated the 4 again for now.  Hoping the Vivid that comes out this weekend will impress me more.  I’m a big fan of home screen widgets and the in-app functionality provided by the multiple buttons.  What I dislike, is the lack of [stock] lock-screen notifications in Android and not having the home-button to make calls and wake up the device that is on the iPhone 4/4S.  So, like many, I am tortured trying to choose. haha 

      • you do know you can do all that if you have a custom rom, right. you can even display custom messages on your homescreen

  7. I know it’s not a built in iOS feature, but consider using Waze for turn-by-turn directions. It’s quite good–and it’s free!

    • When I saw the comment about mapping, I thought exactly the same thing. In fact, that is why I was originally posting on the comments. Waze is an amazing – and free – turn-by-turn navigation application. And, it gets faster map updates because it is community based and we, the users, can update maps.

      You would think that Android fans would be all over ways community approach. Yet, they continue pounding out the Android Google Maps mantra.

  8. Map quest app I finally found will give u turn by turn directions and my map layer capability like my old android phone… One thing I’m needing to get used to is no facebooke status updates like my old android phone.. :)

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  10. My Nexus One responds to voice commands and takes dictation without third party apps. It admittedly doesn’t do so as elegantly as Siri. For example, when I say “email so and so” it starts an email to the person but doesn’t ask me the subject and message. Still, Android was a pioneer in this regard.

  11. The iPhone wins on the display???? Hahahahah.  A 3.5 inch 320ppi screen vs the Galaxy Nexus’ 4.6 inch 320ppi screen.  No contest, sorry iPhone, you lose. How anyone can even use a 3.5″ screen is beyond me.

  12. There are not big differences between the iPhone 4S and the other top Android cellphones. They all work pretty well to me. Everyone at Tim Salomon is enjoying the wide selection of cellphones.

    • my htc android is stuttering and running out of internal memory all the time, havent yet found a decent todo list or calendar, the sms app is mixing up emails, the keyboard vibrate cannot be turned off and a host of other issues – at least it was cheap;)

    • There is a way to temp fix the battery issue -> go into Settings, Location Services, System Services (all the way at the bottom) and TURN OFF ‘Setting Time Zone’.  There is a noted bug with this that will be fixed in the next iOS 5 release (it has been on the 5.0.1 developer release).  For now, setting this OFF will help with the battery issue.

    • The camera on the SGS II is pretty damn good.  Just can’t get to it as fast as with the 4 or 4S.  The problem I had with the SGS II was the pictures or video came out rotated all wrong.

  13. I can get a 4S for $199.   Why do new Anrdroid phones from $299 make any sense?

    I am a diehard Anrdroid fan, but I can see people saying who I can get the best newest Apple phone $100 cheaper, and it is faster.  All the new android phones have inferior GPUs to the 4S as well.

  14. I’m an old ipnone user who went to the Droid X and is now back on the iphone (upgraded to the 4s). I’ve only had the iphone for a few days now and I wish I could have the best of both worlds. There are so many things I missed about the iphone when I had the droid x, but now having gone back to the iphone, there are definite things I liked about the droid x. Gmail is the biggest one by far, but also little things like the clarity of speaker phone on the droid, and the customizability. However, I love my apps far better, love the navigation and so many other things…..might have to see about adding that additional line ;) pros/cons to both, but so far iphone is winning in my world….I’m interested to hear how it goes in the next bit for you. I think i’ll not miss the droid after getting re-acquainted fully with the iphone….they operate so differently

  15. this reminds me of the whole osx vs windows world… I choose osx and iphone, their interface is much better, better UI, the few killer apps are better. I like premium products, I use both literally all day long, I would not go back. Android is tacky, and the devices for the most part are cheap plastic, apps are pixelated. As somebody who works in the publishing industry where detail needs to be extremely accurate, we develop for safari and iphone first, b/c the users are generally the most picky when it comes to these things, as am I. Tech specs are one thing, but design, interface, build quality, stability and software are also extremely important. I probably would have preferred android when I was a teenager or in college, as I preferred linux and windows back then as well. I need to get things done and for there never to be interruptions or time spent “tweaking” and “customizing”. I don’t have that time, I need to get real work done error free 99.9% of the time otherwise I lose money. It is a different philosophic view when it comes to tech really.

  16. iPhone > Android……that means Android = iClone…..why being complicated  when there is an iPhone ready to use! ….I am still a Windows user and I love windows but Android does not convince me yet.

  17. Im really confused as to what type of phone to choose.  I keep reading all these stories and I don’t really understand what makes the iPhone better yet everyone I know has one and loves it.  The one good thing @ Android right now is  you can get a cheaper prepaid plan.  But Ive been using a Samsung Exhibit 2 on Tmobile and its been a nightmare.  Theres been no support from Android or Samsung (Thats one positive with Apple that most reviews don’t mention – you get support!)…My phone – even without a data connection – has no battery life.  Even when not touched, with no data, no wifi, no GPS, not even touched, will die by end of day.  Ive even left it on the nightstand fully charged (again with no data or wifi connection) and I wake up and its at 30%.  Thats making me fearful of upgrading to a full data plan because the phone will never work.  It also freezes multiple times a day.  Now I realize this is a mid-level phone – not a Samsung Galaxy SII, but still?  It makes it unusable.  And the worst problem I keep having is when I take the battery out to try to restart it, it will start turning on and off repeatedly – sometimes for hours.  Earlier this week, it did it for 4 hours straight…This morning, luckily it stopped after 15 minutes.  I don’t know why its doing this. Everyone tells me this is not typical of Android but no one at Samsung or Tmobile will help me.  The whole sound function of the phone also seems to fail 3-4x a week – everything from music to ringtones just stops working, forcing yet another reset.  I don’t get it.  Ive only used well reviewed, popular apps from Android Market- and theres nothing strange in the ‘battery usage’ or ‘running apps.”  I can’t even try to use widgets cuz the phone would have to be plugged in all day and thats what Tmobile told me- while Samsung said you shouldn’t download any Apps if not made by Samsung.  So whats the point of using Android?  So Im torn.  Also lots of problems with Android Market – from problems with Google Music playlists and uploads to Android Market’s MY LIBRARY listing blank pages or saying apps Ive installed or not installed and vice versa.  Google then emails me a link to a page of ‘known issues with Android Market” and just says ‘we’re aware of issues’ — and sorry that you  can’t track which apps you’ve bought or downloaded….The GPS sounds good but again Im afraid my phone will die since it won’t even last with no data and it freezes and turns itself on and off.  Tried to get Samsung – sent in for repair – same problems – they won’t tell me what if anything they did…SamsungSupport @Twitter has promised to contact me for 2 months now and still never has.  So all in all, I think Android seems better but I guess Apple is more reliable.  IM told my experience is not typical but I havent been able to get anyone to help and TMobile says “if you’re not happy, leave!” – LITERALLY SAID THAT.  So are the only Android phones that work the top level ones?  Shouldn’t a mid-grade phone like Samsung Exhibit 2 at least function at a basic level?  Not freeze daily while swiping a home screen? not drain battery with no data and no widgets?   Not turn itself off and on for hours and hours with no stopping?  

    • hey, dont down android because you got a crappy version, you need to check and see who it was that made your phone or go to a company owned store, i.e. your cell company should own the store where you buy your phone. Not some stupid  ‘certified distributer’, I’ve had some bad experiences at those places, like waiting for 3 hours just to see if I can ask a sales person what does what, so anyways go to a company owned store and they will be glad to assist you.

      • Why are you assuming I got some no-name phone from some third-rate distributor ?  I got a Samsung phone sent to me directly from a Tmobile Vice President after I contacted him directly via email with specific complaints about the company’s customer service.  And maybe the fact that there are crappy versions is part of the Android problem – Not everybody or every phone or every manufacturer provides a consistent experience.  Even app developers Ive contacted have said sometimes its hard because the apps will work differently on different devices- and different carriers pre-install different crap that can also affect the experience.  So yes Ive had a crappy Android experience and yes I will judge it based on that.  But also there have been many problems with Google Play Store and Google Music and every time I call or email them with an issue, I get apologies and a link to a long webpage of ‘known issues.’  Some are pretty simple things that I can’t understand how a company as large as Google still can’t fix.  For example, the MY APPS/MY LIBRARY part of the Google Play Store doesnt work for some of us -we basically get blank pages after a certain # of apps so basically there’s no way I can keep a record of what apps Ive purchased/downloaded unless I manually write a list.  Even the MYAPPS on my phone doesnt work regularly – about 90% of the time, it does NOT show all the apps installed on my phone – even though they are there and working.  So while many times Google blames the manufacturers or the carriers, Ive had problems that are Googles fault.  Don’t get me started on the Google Music, which again in theory was great idea, but meta data is all screwed up, playlists are all screwed up, songs are getting duplicated and quintupled – its just more of a mess.  So yeah..that has nothing to do with some ‘stupid salesperson’ although I might agree that Tmobiles Marketing Team does a lot of stupid things.  But then they also keep telling me that t his phone has ‘known issues’ and ‘theres nothing we can do’ – Well maybe you can stop selling a device you readily admit (in writing) has problems.  Pretty much everyone I know has an iPhone and is happy with it -and if you have a problem, you can go to a store.  I spend more time troubleshooting than anything else…If you had gone through 10 factory resets and 2 repairs within 90 days and your phone still froze every single day and power cycled, you might be exploring other OS too.  But again, thats my experience -youre entitled to yours.  Im not a fanboy – I just want a product that works so I can use it and enjoy it – and not spend the majority of my time troubleshooting it.

  18. Camera (for photos and video) is better with the iPhone.  Also, there are millions of third-party hardware that works with iPhone, iPod touch devices. We get no love in the Android world due to so many different devices.  I do get iPhone envy for these 2 reasons alone. Oh! and battery life!

  19. whats everyones problem just get an ipod and then a android phone thats what i did then u can have the best of both worlds

    • I like this… I just got the iphone 4s and I must say, I’m not impressed. The most important thing to me was the turn by turn navigation that I got with my previous android phone. The iphone 4s doesn’t have this, I’ve already tried 5 navigation apps that were horrible. Also my phone doesn’t hold a charge to save its life, and I don’t get any reception at all in my home when I never had a problem before with any of the android phones. I’m already ready to return the phone… Sorry Apple. And Siri’s not “all that” to want to keep the phone. It’s just one of those cool features to show off to your friends. Really, I could do without Siri…

    • Hey loser trollolol! Take that hostility and disrespect somewhere else.
      Mapquest sux big time and you need a data connection.
      GPS apps that cost way less than 60 have offline maps and features way better. Google Navigation is a big plus for android – but still uses a data connection.

    • Map Quest is also known for giving wrong directions. It’s happened to me many times… Google maps have never giving me wrong directions…

  20. You don’t need more buttons with multi-gestures with IOS5. Give that button a break you Droidaholic! ;)

    • I just got it, I wish I could. I had it for about 10 days and I’m not impressed at all. Read my replys to others above…

  21. T9 Dialing is missing from Ios how lame. Reject call with sms built in to phone. Being able to store files and then send them. Holding down on items to bring up a menu rather than to have to click click click to get something done. The hardware is nice on the iphone but Android IMO is a far better OS and a beter user experience.

  22. I’m and Android user. I’ve had the Nexus One since it came out. I also have an iPod touch. Most of the people always compare Android vs iPhone in specs, but I would like to say that the hardware specs most of the time take a secondary spot. What’s the point of having a faster processor if the app crashes or the OS runs slowly? Or having more megapixels if at night or direct sunlight the photos are worse? Specially, when the competitor can take better photos or run just as good or better with less megapixels or less Mhz.  I’m a computer engineer. Software matters. That’s why Microsoft took over Apple in the 90’s, and that’s why Apple took over Microsoft in the 2000’s. You can directly see that in the tablets segment. Even though the Android tablets have better hardware. The iPad just works better, and sells millions more units that all the competitors combined.

  23. Okay, so, you did first make me quite interested in my newly bought/ordered little baby, but then you really did make me realize it’s not quite the same. Many problems will still be problems, and that just makes me more eager to fix my other phone. I’m hoping it’ll work. I kind of bricked it by trying to back-up my system while downloading a new ROM (I know, it was stupid, but it was 3 AM!)

  24. Had an HTC Thinderbolt for 5 months loved the LTE speeds. Absolutely HATED the battery life. I had the iPhone 4 on AT&T for a week (got absolutely no service) switched back to Verizon got the 4S. I will never go back to Android. The iPhone’s battery life is never beaten and with the new iPad just released apple is definetly goong to put LTE in the next iPhone. BTW iPhone 4S was the 5th generation iPhone so the next one wont be iPhone 5 but probably just iPhone or iPhone LTE (if Apple makes it with LTE)

  25. I have both Android and iPhone devices but I feel that the droid system is more flexible, the only reason I baught an iPhone is because its cheap with the offer from my ISP but I do like some of its features like the hardware performace plus system stability of the phone but I wish that the os is android as it is simpler to handle and manage also you did miss somethings that droid does better:
    Photo management, you cannot delete any photo from the iCloud directly! this fustrates me and I find it annoying, also you are limited by 5GB free size in the iCloud.

  26. Im an Android user but I recommend iPhones depending on who it is I make the recommendation for.

    Im currently on custom ROM for my Galaxy SII (Android 4.04) and the experience is now finally as smooth as the mighty iPhone.

    I found this article quite a good, balanced and calm article. I wish there were more like this, instead of the usual Apple-ite/Droid-ite battles which get so viscous!

  27. You missed one very important (to me at least) advantage of the iPhone S over Android. That is the soft keyboard. I can use the iPhone soft keyboard while riding in a car without any trouble and few errors that aren’t my own. The Android soft keyboard is terrible even when pegged to a desktop. It consistently misreads attempted keystrokes. There really is no comparison.

    Additionally the auto-complete on the Android is far too aggressive. Much more useful on the iPhone.

    I should add that my only long term (several months) experience with the Android is the Motorola RAZR. I disliked it so much I got rid of the free (company provided) android for an out-of-pocket iPhone. Much happier with the iPhone. The issues that led me to switch could be worse on the RAZR than is typical for Androids but I’ll likely never know. I’ll keep my iPhone, thanks.

    • I have no experience with RAZR, all my Android devices have had the SWYPE keyboard which is a very unusual way to input text but I wouldn’t use anything else now.

      There’s a guy on YouTube breaking the world record for speed texting using it. Worth checking out if you fancy having a go with something different – http://www.swype.com.

  28. I have a Droid X currently and am considering the switch to an iphone only bc I have a mac, but I am worried I will not like the iphone as I am so used to the android platform. I love my free turn by turn directions from google maps and I also love the customization a droid offers. I am also considering a HTC rezound, thoughts?

    • I dont know much about Rezound (CDMA?) but you’ll probably like all the Apple world integration, AirPlay etc. But if you like to customise your phone a lot you will definitely miss all that.

  29. Yeah, I’m back to the iPhone 4S after owning a Samsung Galaxy S3. I wish it would work. I guess once you’ve owned an iPhone, it’s very hard to switch. The fluidity just isn’t there on Android. Strange glitches. Unexplained resets and program crashes. Frustrating. I LOVE the SGS3…love the big screen, love the capabilities, love a lot about it. But I need something that, ahem, “just works.” I don’t feel elementary, I just know that iPhone works much better out of the box. I’m back.

  30. Have you had any issues switching back to Android from iPhone? I am curious because I just switched from iPhone (five year user) to Android and I am having major issues with iMessage clinging to my phone number.

    Now, anyone who used to text me with iMessage can longer text me even a normal text message because it keeps defaulting to my AppleID account that no longer exists.

    I spent eight hours on the phone with Apple who couldn’t figure it out, but were aware of the iMessage glitch and now they are leaving me without any compensation to wait 30 days to see if the Apple account ‘lapses’ and fixes itself. Meanwhile, I am paying for services I cannot use due to Apples incompentance.

    Have you run across this problem?


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