Galaxy Nexus Doesn’t Have Gorilla Glass, But That’s Not a Problem

Back in October, when Samsung and Corning confirmed that the Galaxy Nexus wouldn’t have a Gorilla Glass display, there were a lot of unhappy campers. The frustration continued even when Sammy stated that the device would utilize un-branded fortified glass. Well, it’s our hope that this next video which shows the Galaxy Nexus’ screen handling a set of keys, will get those dark clouds above your heads to dissipate.

What you see here is the UK version of the Galaxy Nexus being treated to a stress test just a few short hours after its release and it’s pretty clear that whatever glass that Samsung chose to use on the Galaxy Nexus is pretty capable.

No, it’s not Gorilla Glass but it should suite your needs.

Especially for those of you that like mashing your smartphone’s screen with a set of keys.

Via: Droid-Life


        • This happens basically because plastic is more elastic than aluminium, so the plastic body from the Galaxy S II absorbs the impact better than the aluminium body from the iPhone 4S. Also I guess the iPhone is heavier, so it got more impact on the fall.

  1. I’m not gonna put my nexus in a pocket of keys and wood screws, so scratching isn’t a problem. I want to know how it handles a 3 foot drop when I forget that the phone is on my lap and I stand up suddenly. I want to know that my phone will be okay if I miss my shirt pocket and it’s headed for the tile floor.

    I’ve always secretly laughed when I hear iphone users swear they have the best smartphone out there, yet they pull out their jigsaw puzzle piece phone held together with screen protectors. A phone is only as useful as its longevity. The nexus doesn’t deserve that fate.

  2. Ummm… I still have my 1st gen Moto Droid. I gave up on trying to “protect” it about a year ago. Since then Ive done away with the screen protectors and making sure I put the handset into an empty pocket devoid of change, keys, etc. This willful abuse + countless drops on hard surfaces from pretty high distances has still net ZERO damage to my screen/glass. While the body has some war scars, the screen and glass look as good as it did almost 3 years ago.

    Needless to say, I am not impressed. Also, needless to say, Verizon needs to release this phone so I can upgrade.

    • I finally gave up my first gen Droid due to it going wonky on me. After many hard drops, living in my trousers pocket, etc. It had scuffs and scars, but the glass was pristine. It gave me five years of great service, and my wife’s Droid is still going strong, and looks near new. Verizon gave me a Galaxy Nexus as a replacement phone no cost. I dropped it from my shirt pocket when going to stand up. It dropped three feet to a linoleum floor. The screen spidered. I had this phone less than three weeks, and now I have to pay a $99 deductible to have it exchanged through Asurion. Not very tough glass in my opinion.

  3. I had the O.G. Droid… it retired without the slightest scratch. A combination of good glass and some reasonable amount of care (aside from the one time it fell onto an asphalt parking lot from about 14 feet… as I jumped out of a pickup truck bed and, well, physics did its thing to separate the phone from my pocket… and not a scratch or dent). It was replaced by a Galaxy Nexus, which so far has an equally pristine screen.

    On the other hand, my newer-still Olympus PEN E-PM1 camera already has screen scratches. Plastic screen, I guess, and I’m totally spoiled by smartphones with hard glass you don’t have to worry about. I’ll probably be buying a viewfinder anyway…

  4. The key is a softer metal than the glass is, even though glass isnt a metal. All smartphone screens should stand up very well against keys.

  5. Well, my Galaxy Nexus is now 2 weeks old, and the screen already has a scratch about 1 cm long… So much for durability. :-(

  6. Got a Galaxy Nexus yesterday. Earphones caught on my coat as I got out of my car today, pulling phone from passenger seat out my door and onto the ground. I thought “oh, great, I’ve scratched my new phone”, but no, instead the screen is badly cracked all over the bottom right corner, with sharp shards sticking out to slice fingers. :-(

  7. Doesnt matter if my Nexus gets damaged i have best buy black tie protection…they take care of everything at no extra cost to me. Gotta love BB haha.

  8. The Galaxy Nexus has the most durable screen I have ever seen first-hand. I don’t use a screen protector or a case, and I let my 11-month-old hold, bite, and throw it on a regular basis. It is literally in PRISTINE condition, and I don’t exaggerate on that. I can hold it in the sun, at any angle, once I wipe it on my shirt, it looks identical to the day it was born.

    Of course, the corners of the casing are now scraped and scuffed, and a few drops on its head have bitten gravelly bites into it, but that screen . . . nothing phases it. That and the rear cover—seemingly indestructible. Especially since JB has already rolled out, I feel like this phone will probably carry me through another year or more, so I’m just going to purchase a new housing online and I will feel like I’ve pretty much got a new phone. Amazing.

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