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  1. Niceacappella

    Is that 15 hours of battery life with or without 4g turned on? ….I’m actually curious to see if anything better will be coming out in the next month or two.

    • Martinbarrigajr

      Im getting 15 hours on 4g and extreme heavy use, but only after i conditioned my battery through a couple full charge and full discharge cycles. No problems with the battery life on my end. You just need to populate the battery stats.

      • Niceacappella

        Thanks. Apparently conditioning is everything.

  2. Anonymous

    Agreed on the battery life and speakers but I actually thought the camera was better than I expected.  Or maybe it’s just that I accept that it’s…..well a phone, not a camera.

  3. BrianB13

    There are two main reasons I bought this phone.  The screen and the fact that it is a Nexus.  I wanted a big phone and I got one.  Signal strength has not been an issue at all for me.  The battery certainly could be a lot better but I don’t mind charging it twice a day when I use it a lot like today (been using it a lot ince 7:30 am this morning and have 24 percent left.  The biggest complaint I have right now is that I have to wait until Jan 4th before Verizon releases a compatible version of NFL Mobile.  The apps all seem to work fine.  

    Sound seems fine to me.  I use Equalizer from the Market and set it to Rock mode.  I also installed Nova launcher which I think is awesome.  Just downloaded Widgetsoid today and have been playing around with it.  Pretty cool.

    I will always be on the lookout for another phone, be it the iPhone 5, the GSIII or some other kick ass quad core phone with a much improved GPU, 12 MP and 8 MP front cameras with awesome sensors and a full HD Super Amoled Plus display at 1080P.  I might just wait for the next Nexus phone  to come out. 

  4. Btc5472

    ive never had signal issues. Battery isnt the best of course. Like all 4g phones. Love the screen. I might thnk the LG Nitro screen might be a little better. Camera is better than i thought. Great camera. But when i zoom all the way in, i notce that 8mp is a bt clearer. I owned the droid X2 and it was TERRIBLE. it turned itself off literally every day. it ran out of RAM and just crashed. Galaxy nexus camera is much better than the droid x2 despite the 8mp it had. Idk why this guy would switch to iphone. It is nic ajd fast but it just doesnt have many features akd its realy restrictive. I dont like how the galaxy nexus cant play many video formats.

  5. Anonymous

    i agree that the camera has a lot to be desired. check out my side by side comparisons with the iphone 4s.


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