Win a ThinkPad Tablet from Lenovo and GBM

Have you been craving a new tablet? Perhaps you want an Android tablet that you can use at work now that your kid or significant other has commandeered your iPad to play Angry Birds. If so, you’ll want to enter for a chance to win the ThinkPad Tablet from Lenovo.

This tablet can play Angry Birds, but it is also capable of much more. Whether you’re a student, business user or just plan on keeping the tablet on your couch you should enter this simple contest.

Lenovo was the official sponsor of and GottaBeMobile for CES 2012, and as part of that sponsorship we have a collection of gear to give away. There’s still a day to enter to win a ThinkPad X220 and an IdeaPad U400, but now you have a chance to win one of two ThinkPad Tablets. You can enter to win the other ThinkPad Tablet at

Lenovo announced several new notebooks and tablets at CES 2012, including the IdeaPad Yoga which took home Best of Show at We invite you to check out the new Lenovo notebooks and tablets and tell us which one you like best.

The Prize: ThinkPad Tablet

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet


The ThinkPad Tablet is a business ready tablet that can be paired with a portfolio that adds a ThinkPad keyboard to the mix. This tablet runs Android and packs in a subscription to Absolute tracking software in the event your tablet is stolen. You can also get a stylus to take notes and increase your productivity.

Check out our ThinkPad Tablet Review and ThinkPad Tablet Stylus Review.

How to Enter:

Leave a comment below telling us what your favorite new Lenovo notebook or tablet is. You can pick a series or a specific model. Simple as that.

Contest Rules:

The contest is open to U.S. Residents 18 and over. Contest void where prohibited by law, please check local regulations before entering. The contest will close on Wednesday January 25th at 11:59 PM Pacific. You may only enter once per contest, entering multiple times will disqualify you from the contest.


  1. My favorite Lenovo Tablet is the X220 Tablet PC, followed closely by the X1. I’d like to get my hands on the Lenovo Android Tablet to see how it fares to the X220

  2. By far my favorite is the Thinkpad X220T.  I have never used a faster Tablet PC.  With a few gigs of ram and an Intel SSD they scream even for our engineers running SolidWorks on them.  Best laptops/Tablet to date.

  3. I still like powerful computers, which is why my home and work machines are desktops, not laptops.  I’ll go with the IdeaPad Y series.  Seems powerful and affordable. 

  4. I owned a Lenovo Thinkpad X300. This was one of the first lightweight laptops on the market. This was my favorite laptop and had done a lot in my life.  And a little over a year ago it actually survived with me in my motorcycle accident.  (Summary I hit a deer going over 70+mph (was thought 85 but no documentation of this)).  This laptop was sturdy enough to survive, yes in a padded bag but still when I opened my bag (er my sister did while I was in the ER) I was very surprised to still find a working laptop.  No broken glass or case.  The laptop still worked and still had all my homework on it.
    Now if only Lenovo could get a sleek laptop like the Samsung and Mac…. I want durability and looks.

  5. if they made a *thinkpad* yoga, i would get one for sure (can’t live without my pointing stick).
    the new 1920×1200 k91 tablet looks great too.

  6. Actually my favorite tablet is the Thinkpad X220t. As a photography student, that would definitely be a great help to my studies and future learning.

  7. I like the Yoga; but I also like the Ideapads. The Thinkpad laptops are good for business; but they need a little bit of beautification…. They’re a little too….utilitarian.

  8. As a student, I would love to get my hands on the X220T, but my budget just don’t cover it; but I have been very happy with my X61T.  However, it recently decided to die on me.  I missed curling up with it in bed or on a couch reading away my notes and books.  This Thinkpad Tablet would re-enable me to do much of my studying, while having a bit of fun without fighting over my wife’s R400.   Would certainly love to try the ever famous Angry Bird with this Thinkpad Tablet!

  9. I really enjoyed seeing that Lenovo introduced the IdeaPad Yoga at CES.  It just goes to show how far technology has come, and how far it can potentially go.  The Yoga is, in itself, exciting because it makes me wonder what to expect next from future windows 8 platforms… man I love tablets!!!

  10. Rev. Cecilia

    Idea Pad 2110, would be great when I go on mission trips. But I would be happy with either one.

  11. I’d pick the Yoga as well. The 360 degree hinge always seemed, to me, to be a better concept than the twisty thing convertibles used and I’m dying to see how it works in the real world.

  12. I’m a long time ThinkPad user (I still have my 385CD in a corner somewhere in my house) and currently use a Z61t (still running strong) so they are my first choice when I think of new laptop.

    As far as new models go, I like the ThinkPad Edge series since it meets my needs overall.  I don’t know too much about the tablets but I have been looking at the ThinkPad tablets and like what I’m seeing since I’d be wanting one for writing while on the go.

  13. The Ideapad yoga looks amazing. If it has a Wacom digitizer and win8 truly is instant on, then it would be my dream machine. However, a close second is definitely the Thinkpad Android Tablet and I am looking forward to more software that optimizes the the n-trig digitizer?

  14. Definitely ThinkPad Tablet. Sometimes perfectness is not what is needed. Not a perfect machine; but a very great one. 

  15. I loved the ThinkPad Tablet convertibles, such as the X61T or the X201T, back when I browsing for a convertible for use for grad school. Although eventually my family and I went to the HP 27X0P line, I will always hold the Lenovo series close to my heart, since it taught me that it was possible to have a great all-day laptop that I could write and draw on, which is AMAZING to a science and math major who really needed that. If you’ve never tried to type a complicated equation in your digital notes, possible one with notation which you’ve never even seen before, before an almost-senile professor erased it from the board to make room for more, you have no idea how much that’s a lifesaver. It also taught me that I really do remember things much better when I jut it down with a pen or pen-like stylus. 

  16. I love my W520 but need something a bit more portable. I’ve been eyeing a Thinkpad tablet ever since they were announced last summer

  17. I’ve been a die-hard Lenovo fan for years. My 5 year old T61 laptop
    still runs like a champ. However, old dogs need new tricks and I have
    the say the new Yoga announced at CES 2012 looks pretty sweet! I’d love
    to retire my trusty dinosaur T61 and upgrade to a sleek and slim Thinkpad Tablet. Thanks for the opportunity to try to win one!!!

  18. ThinkPad Tablet, naturally.  Perfect for an obsessive doodler/annotator like myself.  With a full-sized USB port and SD card slot along with an active-digitizer pen, who could ask for anything more.

  19. I have a Lenovo Ideapad A1 so that is my current favorite tablet. Would love to say my new Thinkpad Tablet is my new favorite!

  20. I have been following the reviews on your tablets and think the stylus input is what I need in my daily work.
    Currently I use a paper and pencil and alwaus lose or misplace the pad. The tablet would keep everythong in one place. Work orders and notes……..perfect!

  21. The Thinkpad T430u looks awesome. I am a big fan of the original T40+ series notebooks and those things were built like tanks. They’re great all-around machines and I would expect the same from the T430u

  22. Actually the Yoga and the S2110 but I’ve had my eye on the ThinkPad Tablet since it came out primarily due to the digitizer. The price always kept me out of range for getting it though.

  23. I don’t know anything about the smartie things, but Lenovo is a great brand, and I’d sure like to win one so I can learn how to work and use one.  Could I get a gardening app on it?  Thanks!

  24. The Lenovo Yoga would be awesome. But my favorite series is the X convertible tablet series. Have owned an X60t and X61t and looking forward to replacing the latter with a Yoga! The SXGA+ screen with digitizer is best in class.

  25. This Windows 8 tablet /shape shifter is crazy versatile and powerful! Likely to cause me to drop the laptop gig and move to the next evolution of computing. Can’t wait to give this ride a test drive!

  26. The ThinkPad T430u looks most promising for me, but im also very interested in the IdeaPad S2 tablet that will have WHDI. 

  27. I’ve heard great things from my stepmom who has the ThinkPad….not sure which series it is though

  28. I would have to go with the IdeaPad Yoga when it comes out! It got great reviews at CES2012 and that speaks wonders for me!

  29. Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet, definitely. Need one for work desperately. My old windows tablet has breathed its last.

  30. Easy, my favorite is the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga. I definitely love the way tech is going more and more mobile, and this device combines both features of the tablet and ultrabook: two great and innovative form factors. Lenovo might not be the first adopter on either front, but certainly the first I’ve heard of combining them! Not to mention it’s slated to be running Windows 8 which means it’s compatible software from the get-go will be quite large! The only thing it is missing, or maybe it just hasn’t been announced yet as including it, is an active digitizer like the one found on the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet offered as the prize for this contest. Who knows, Lenovo has been good at listening to it’s customer base so far, and Windows is known for it’s productivity so the final model may include it. Thanks GBM and for the great coverage and awesome contests! Oh, and thanks Lenovo for making rockin’ products and supplying them!

  31. My favorite is the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga Convertible Tablet, looks pretty gnarly to me though to be honest everything looked awesome so hard to just really pick one. I’m having so much technology envy right now!

  32. I have to say Yoga.  It is nice to see Lenovo get a little creative.  They make nice solid gear but really they haven’t tried to be innovative.  So I like what the Yoga could mean for future products.

  33. With so many different features on each it is hard to choose, but I think the ThinkPad Edge S430 is my fave.

  34. My favorite is the Thinkpad X220T. It would be so useful for keeping in touch with family around the country

  35. I really like the Lenovo IdeaTab S2110. I was sold the moment I read about the keyboard dock among other things, being a writer that would be an ideal tablet for me. It’s something I could never afford on my own so I really hope I win. :)

  36. The ThinkPad series is an all around perfect customizable Android Tablet which would be an amazing tool in my last year of college :)

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