BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Release Date Pegged for February 17th

While we know BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 is on the way, we still don’t know exactly when RIM will be rolling it out. However, there is a date that seems to be popping up more than most making it the front-runner as the release date. That date is February 17th which just so happens to fall into the release window that RIM made for PlayBook OS 2.0 back in October of 2011.

If you recall, the company was supposed to show the software off at DevCon with a release shortly afterward. Yet, prior to the unveiling, RIM announced that the software was delayed until February.

We know that the release should be close though as we saw OS 2.0 running on the tablet at CES 2012 and February 17th is a good a date as any.

Right now, it’s entirely unclear which version of the software will be rolling out to PlayBook owners. The version that we saw at CES was OS and rumors peg the final update as OS The differences, if any, are currently unknown but we wouldn’t expect any drastic changes.



PlayBook owners have been waiting for this update to OS 2.0 for quite awhile now as it’s an update that will be bringing a number of must-have features along with it.

Included will be a suite of apps that really should have been there from the start, apps like integrated email, calendar, and contact. In addition, the update should bring BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps which will allow PlayBook users to run Android applications.

So, circle the 17th on your calendar if you own a PlayBook.

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  1. RIM has never allowed more than one device PIN per BlackBerry account,
    so it hasn’t been possible to use both your smartphone and PlayBook PIN
    for your email or BlackBerry Messenger at the same time. We have heard
    that RIM is trying to take a page out of Apple’s new iMessage service
    and make BlackBerry Messenger work much the same way on both your
    BlackBerry and PlayBook, but “that isn’t happening” according to our
    source, and right now RIM’s solution involves “two independent
    BlackBerry Messenger apps with different contact lists.”

    • bshh id prefer it would be diffrent. I think it will be an application. or id say a diffrent ine for sure. one that does not requireba pin

  2. Thanks Adam nice article I am waiting for the 2.0 release because i really need to run android apps on my playbook.

  3. i have bbm on my playbook. its been on there since day one!  if its not going to work on os2 then bb need go think again. 

  4. yo wtf i was just using my playbook and i was able to see myself sending and receiving them with my friend and her bold in the same room plus my torch so what r u guys talking about

  5. Not sure why BBM native support is a must have, rather than a nice to have. If you bbm, it must be because you already have a Blackberry phone. If you have a Blackberry phone, what is wrong with using the bridge to see you BBM messages? Now I am of course speaking for myself, but my phone is generally in my pocket or briefcase when I am on my playbook, so it is always close by. 

  6. It’s been way too long that we’ve waited for this update, if Blackberry doesn’t release the 2.0 update for the Playbook this month, I’m done with Blackberry. At the very least they should give a release date for us to look forward to. After all, we the consumer are the reason why this company is still in existence. If there’s no 2.0 update by the 17th or by the end of February 2012,  it’s goodbye Blackberry and hello Apple/Android. 

  7. i just purchased a playbook 32gb,fantastic piece of tech,am looking to buy a 9900 and get rid of my boring galaxy s phone.

    looking forward to release of 2.0 os and hope rim don’t put it back or will have to purchase something else,one thing that manufacturers should never do is keep people waiting to long.

  8. think it might be 21st… as no update here in u.k… i suppose it is still quite early;7:45, but still….

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