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  1. Steph

    Very helpful, bookmarked for future reference. Thanks!

  2. Uyvu Ha

    Hi! Thanks for your information sharing. When I did DATA FACTORY RESET till step #3 and cannot finish. The phone always hang on.
    Do you have any advice for my case?
    Best regards

  3. George Wilson

    This does *not* securely erase your phone/sd card, which use NAND wear leveling, rendering traditional data wipe techniques virtually *useless*. This article is WORSE THAN NOTHING as it makes people think they actually did it, makes them they lose interest in REAL solutions, driving down demand for a REAL method/application for securely erasing Android. You made a huge disservice to real security.
    The *Real* IT Crowd

    • Chris

      @ George. Don’t be such a jerk! She posted an extremely helpful and useful article and it WILL erase all pertinent information from your phone/sd card!
      Oh, and just an FYI…..if you have to claim you’re a “REAL” IT person, 99.999% of the time, you’re not!

      Thank you for the article K.T., some of us DO appreciate it!

      • James Fu

        The prescribed method allows internal storage to be recovered by common software tools. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_erasure

        Author MUST be aware of this vulnerability or she wouldn’t have suggested overwriting SD card 7 times.

    • Plazmid

      It would have been really helpful to provide links to alternatives and more information if you were not satisfied with the article. Criticism isn’t helpful if you don’t provide at least hints to what you think they should have done. All you’ve done here is basically state “The article sucks” and then you walked away without another word.

      • James Fu

        1. Remove and securely erase SD card.
        2. Factory reset phone.
        3. Reinsert SD card. (phone may disallow downloading needed in next step to internal memory)
        3. Search with Google and download + install enough .apk files to fill internal storage. (avoid entering credentials in Google Play to download)
        4. Once phone is full from random applications, perform another factory reset.
        5. Format SD card.

    • Mark

      I tend to feel inclined to agree with your comment here. I know of Android’s vulnerability and have some difiiculty finding the REAL way to completely and securely wipe my Android. Any suggestions where to look, or how to do that?

  4. Random guy

    Hey. I already new about this but I came here needing more info. I am not able to access the root setting program which i can not be able to do th factory reset. Every time i open the settings thing up, it crashes BUT when i go on to parts of setting through other methods, it will open that up i.e. if i have low space on phone, i can open the manga application part of settings.
    I really need help

  5. stevie

    wtf? y does this seem so complicated? on an iphone its just one button and ur done, however backing up ur contacts on an iphone is a completely diff story, but here its no picnic either :\

  6. maxx

    I cannot do factory reset cos I bought this phone from some friend then they asking for the “Lockcode” that i have no idea and i don’t get it. what can i do?

  7. Avenger Mobile

    To perform a secure delete of your Android device use Nuke My Phone – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.avengermobile.nukemyphone.

  8. megha

    Why there is so much explanation. I think short step by step instructions on resetting android phone like this is more easy to read.

  9. luxon

    my phone had a a partten to unlock sreen. a child of played with it and locked out and now need me to unlock using my gmail. the porblem i am facing is that it does not have network to connect to gmail. It used ton produce a window with network prompts which i used to click ok then my line activates network. for now there is no chance for to activate network. if there is someone who has got correctly assist, I have two week failing to use my phone its still new.

  10. Ryan

    Thanks for your article dude!

    I was desperetly looking to find a way to completely delete my android phone memory, as I know data is still there till there free space!

    Thanks a lot and a lot !!!

  11. Ryan

    You do not need to write the data over 7 times. This method of writing over a block is done with magnetic hard drives (not the kind found in cell phones). On a magnetic hard drive, with spinning platters, simply deleting something never truly removed the data. The data could be recovered because traces remained. The only way to be sure that it was gone was to write over it over and over. Because phones do not use spinning magnetic platters we do not need to worry about this.

    If you want to secure your data remove the SIM card and the SD card. If you have to include the SD card buy a new one and put in there. If you -still- feel the need to include the SD card in the sale of a phone format the SD card. You then will want to do a complete factory reset on the phone. This will erase all important information. At this point you should be fairly secure to hand off your phone.

    If you are paranoid and are not planning on getting rid of your phone you can encrypt your phone (and cards). Because Androids do not use HW (hardware level encryption) you can encrypt your device in the settings. This may slow your phone but will jumble all the data so someone searching through it will not be able to decipher it.

    If selling your phone remove the SD card, SIM card (if applicable), reset all of the data, and deactivate the phone through your carrier. If you are still worried about someone stealing your top secret data then it’s probably best not to sell the phone and just hang on to it ;)

  12. razer

    Ok but how to delete all data from the phone and be sure that no one can bring them back?

  13. 0262622626

    Great tips. Very useful

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