Samsung Epic 4G Touch Ice Cream Sandwich Bug Fix Update Rolls Out

Sprint has announced that it has started to roll out a Samsung Epic 4G Touch Ice Cream Sandwich bug fix update for its version of the Galaxy S II.

The carrier has announced the roll out through its community page and it says that the update will be rolling out in stages to owners of its Epic 4G Touch.

The update supposedly will put an end to all of the issues that have been plaguing Epic 4G Touch owners ever since Sprint rolled out the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the device. Since July, complaints from owners of the device have been rolling in detailing a number of issues plaguing the smartphone.

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Sprint has rolled out an ICS bug fix update for the Epic 4G Touch.


Sprint’s changelog only details one issue that has been fixed and that’s the battery drain problem that many owners have seen after installing the software.

It’s our hope that the software addresses the other issues on board the Epic 4G Touch, though, at this point, that’s unclear.

At the beginning of August, we heard from numerous Epic 4G Touch owners who said that their device had become nearly unusable after installing Ice Cream Sandwich. Owners told us about how after installing Ice Cream Sandwich, the device began to lock up, freeze completely or become unable to send out phone calls.

We also heard from some Epic 4G Touch owners who claimed that they couldn’t read emails and that the device‚Äôs UI was extremely sluggish.


While the issues likely didn’t affect all Epic 4G Touch owners, it was clear that the issues were pretty widespread and that Sprint needed to address them with an update in a quick manner.

Fortunately, it looks like Sprint has taken steps to try and counteract at least some of the issues that have been plaguing the Epic 4G Touch for quite awhile now.

Anyone seeing the update yet and if so, has it fixed your issues?


  1. I received my update late in the game, like last week. Everything seems to work well. It was a painless experience. I am retired from IT so I was gritting my teeth when I started it. I had my Wifi on and it when very quickly. I am a happy camper. I like ICS. Maybe I have a later build. it is # IMM761.FF18 no problems so far and battery life is as it was.

  2. I have not received the bug fix update (so my battery dies every 4 hours), of course my wife got the update and she never even had the battery drain issue!

  3. I also received the “bug fix” update just now this morning and nothing has changed with my device. I still have the same unless 4G connection that just leaves all my web enabled apps hanging in wait. And yes, the battery consumption is un
    usual for ICS from Gingerbread. Then add in all this media coverage with Samsung and Apple fighting in court over these Galaxy S II devices, I’M TOTALLY OVER IT. Paying Sprint $110 monthly for this aggravation. I feel like my device is being hijacked by Google with these bad updates. PLEASE HELP. I bought this phone because Apple & AT&T want to corner the market with more expensive phones, plans and 2yr contract agreements with $350 early term fees thrown at the consumer if we decide that WE’VE HAD ENOUGH AND NEED ANOTHER PROVIDER. I should of stayed with T-Mobile, dayum.

  4. All i can say is this update sucks, sucks…..and sucks. I don’t like any of the changes. Seems like it changed my phone completely. If it doesn’t get fixed soon, I’d rather buy a new phone!
    Sucking in Michigan

    • The update is available via Samsung Kies software for desktop Pc (not the wireless one installed on the phone.) Simply plug the device to the Pc bis Usb and it wil say FH13 firmware update available. I tried it, but it froze halfway through. I ended up reverting to a pre-rooted version of stock Gingerbread EL@29. Never been happier going back to 20hr battery life rather than 4hrs! I also had suffered signal loss and hated the removal of the contacts from the dial pad!

      • Thanks, but I think I’ll wait for it to come to my phone. I’ve learned sprint is distributing it to some phones already.

  5. Hi there. I received my update on 9/5 here in Plano, TX. I had been out of town over the holiday weekend, and couldn’t even take my phone with me anywhere, because I had to leave it plugged in due to excessive battery drain! I was going to go into Sprint store yesterday, and woke up…and there was the update. I am staggered by the change in battery life. I fully charged it at 11:00 a.m. on the 5th, and only just this evening on the 6th had to plug it in!! That is close to 32 hrs of battery life!! I did have fairly light use, but over holiday weekend…it was fully charged when I went to bed…and when I woke up it was drained. (That was ZERO active use) I also previously had screen freeze issues occasionally after the ICS update, and have not experienced them since fix, but it’s only been a little over a day. Time will tell on that issue.

  6. Well I’m still waiting and becoming more frustrated every day. The battery drain fast, it gets hot especially when using navigator app and watching videos, some apps stick………and I could go on more. Why is it taking so long to distribute the fix. And why no appoligy from samsung.

  7. Well I finally received my system update, but it still heats up. The initial release has probably damaged my battery. So apparently they haven’t fix everything and for some of us ICS sucks.

  8. I wish I could roll the phone back to before the Ice Cream update!! I am now having problems with cell signal, 3G, 4G, and several apps. I LOVED my Galazy S2 until this update, and now I received the “bug fix” updated last week, and I have seen ZERO improvement in the phone!!! I hate to say it, but I wish I had gotten an iPhone now after dealing with this for the last 2 months!!

  9. i have a s2 in Grand rapids,mi area and my battery after update went bad lucky i only had phone 2 1/2 mths. replaced battery and it is finally operating properly. except coverage in Kentwood sucks. but two blocks north or south it gets better and 4g to the north. i hope my epic holds up to the iphone 5.

  10. Take your phones into the sprint store and habeas them remove the ICS update and revert you back to Ginger bread till they come out with a fix.

  11. I am in Santa ana California and i recived the update and it only fixed the battery problem but it still glitches and freezes

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