Verizon Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean Update Release Date “Expected Soon”

Earlier today, we told you about one of the lines that Verizon is feeding Galaxy Nexus owners inquiring about the availability of the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update. And now, we’ve heard from a Galaxy Nexus owner who has been so persistent at emailing about the update that he has not only gotten an apology from Verizon but also some possibly internal insight about the process itself.

Over the weekend, we heard from a Galaxy Nexus owner who received an email from Verizon which essentially blamed Samsung for the Galaxy Nexus’ slow upgrade to Jelly Bean.

However, it appears that that is not the only response that Verizon customer service representatives are giving to those who are looking for more information in regards to its release date.

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An internal Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean update release date is on the radar it seems.


We’ve heard from a reader who says that he has been emailing Verizon every week about the Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean update. And not surprisingly, he has received a volley of differing responses from Verizon including the one about it being Samsung’s fault and that owners should contact Samsung about the software.

Well, he did contact Samsung, and lo and behold, Samsung didn’t have a clue about the update. He also claims that a previous email also blamed Google for the slow update though we have yet to receive this email. The email we did receive is telling nonetheless.

He again followed up with Verizon and this time, he was given a much different answer (and from Verizon HQ nonetheless) from any that we’ve heard or seen from Galaxy Nexus owners looking for clues.

In response to asking about the Galaxy Nexus Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update’s whereabouts, here is what a Verizon customer service representative had to say:


Dear [Redacted],

I apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced by not receiving the Jelly Bean update.  My name is [Redacted] and you reached the right person as I can definitely take care of this for you!

I agree with you that with this device, software updates need to come out faster. After checking with my sources, I am happy to confirm that a lot of employees share your concern as well. From what I was told, a tentative release date is expected soon as they wanted to ensure all of the services and features provided in any update we provide fully work with the Verizon Wireless network. From experience, we do heavily test an update to not only ensure it works as expected, it also allows us to update our network for better support if needed.  I will gladly track your account and as soon as I hear about any information that can be released publicly, I will gladly contact you!  The tracking number for this is [Redacted].

We value your business and I want your experience with Verizon Wireless to be a positive one.

I am glad I have been able to assist by letting you know I will gladly monitor your account to contact you as soon as I hear something. Thank you for being the most important part of Verizon Wireless, have a great day!



So, one, it would appear that a tentative release date for the Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean update is expected “soon” and two, it looks like Verizon employees share the same feelings about the update. It also looks like other employees beyond this one are also concerned about the Galaxy Nexus’ Jelly Bean update.

What we interpret “tentative” to mean is that Verizon has an internal release date on the the radar, a date that is soon. However, the date is also subject to change should something go wrong.

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It’s our hope that this representative has it right and that Verizon is close to releasing the update but at this point, we don’t expect to hear from the carrier until the day that the software rolls out.

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  1. NexusBoom says

    Yeah, I got the Nexus thinking that I’d get the latest update very soon after it came out. Something in the process seems to have failed to get the update out quickly.

  2. Sam says

    The reps have been so all over the board with their response to the flood of complaints that Verizon is getting I can’t say I put any more stock in this than any other answers. I’d like to believe it but Verizon had dropped breadcrumbs of hope in the past only to go weeks with no comment. I’m not holding my breath.

  3. Opa says

    Sounds as flip floppy an answer as any time Romney speaks. BS is always the Verizzzzzzzzzon answer. Clear as red mud.

  4. Nights says

    Yeah, I got the same response…first they blamed Samsung…then they blamed Google…finally when I mentioned the CNET article that said “blame Verizon” for the late update the rep then began to give me this spiel about didn’t I think it was “better that Verizon takes the time to make sure the update was perfect before we send it out to our customers”… They are so full of BS. I think it may actually be cheaper for me to pay the early contract withdrawal fee and go month to month. I can’t recommend Verizon to anyone.

  5. nexus says

    I’ll believe it when i see it. Verizon would love to find someone to blame. Samsung? Google? Gee who else could they find to blame? What other reason could they come up with for the delay? What would the masses readily swallow? The dog ate the update?

  6. Chris Rogers says

    This is what they really want to say but can’t. Shut up stop complaining you will get it when we decide to give it or never. Regardless you will still pay us money by staying with us or cancellation of your contract. So hahahaha you stuck in a contract and regardless we get your money:D

  7. Poetyk says

    Anyone else notice how “glad” this representative is? I don’t know how excited I can get about the expectations of a “tentative release date”. There have been several of those already.

  8. eclectic says

    It’s a Nexus – just unlock it, root it and install JB – it’s been available for quite a while and works great.

  9. Reply VZW says

    Nonsense we all know big red is to blame. I don’t know testing is being done but I have been running JB on my device for weeks now. Everything works 100% direct from Google.

  10. Jerry Thomas says

    It’s clearly the service provider to blame … I’ve had the unlocked Nexus for quite some time and got the jellybean update on the 13th of July

  11. antony says

    Already here ! I live in eastern europe Bulgaria! My galaxy nexus updated to jelly bean today!

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