Google, Opera Dumping WebKit for New Blink Browser Standard

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  1. giantslor

    No, WebKit’s origins don’t come from Apple. WebKit was forked from the KHTML and KJS libraries from the KDE project.

  2. raghuram028Ragz028

    I don’t get it, why proper research is not made before making statements like, ‘webkit came from apple’ – reflects poorly on the author.

    • atomic1fire

      Also calling it a standard when it’s a rendering engine is wrong.

      Not only does it encourage developers to develop for webkit only, it creates a source of confusion. It could be a de facto standard, but between all the versions of webkit out there and devices that use webkit as a backend, there’s going to be some incompatibility between all implementations, especially since Chrome opted to create it’s own javascript engine, V8, and Apple used Javascriptcore. There are different versions of the webkit software, and there aren’t independent implementations, simply forks and copies of the webkit code.

      Blink is a fork of the webkit code, in the same way that webkit is a fork of the Khtml code from kde.

      Blink will remove vendor prefixes, so you wouldn’t even need to add -webkit-whatever, just use the generic css. Which should make web development a lot easier.

      Generic Css, such as “Background-image”, is the standard, not “-webkit-background-image”, “-o-background-image”, “-ms-background-image” or “-moz-background-image”.

      Mislabeling the engines themselves as standards is dangerous and stupid. The idea is that there are independent implementations, and then a generic standard that should work on everything when the specification is better supported.

      The ideal practice is to use all the browser specific implementations, but add a vendor neutral setting as well so that in the future, the stylesheet will work the same.

      tl;dr Css works by having vender specific prefixes, but also having the generic version to cover everything at once, the generic parts are the standard, the vender specific parts are just implementations or prototypes.

  3. Max

    Opera and Google finally “Think different”

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