Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Release Date Clearing Final Hurdles

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date in the United States is clearing its final hurdles as two Galaxy Note 3 models, the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 and the Verizon Galaxy Note 3, have seemingly passed through the FCC on their way to their respective carriers.

Earlier this month, Samsung announced a brand new smartphone in the Galaxy Note 3, a big-screened giant that will be coming to replace the Galaxy Note 2 with a host of new features. Surprisingly, we saw U.S. carriers immediately throw their weight behind the Galaxy Note 3, something that we did not see with the Galaxy Note 2.

Right off the bat, carriers in the U.S. declared release dates and began offering pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 3 ahead of its eventual release. And while there are still some mysteries, including the Sprint and U.S. Cellular release dates, we know that the October release date in the United States is likely on track for most, if not all carriers.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is heading to the U.S. in October.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is heading to the U.S. in October.


The T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3, also known as the SM-N900T and the Verizon Galaxy Note 3, thought to be the SM-N900V, have been noticed passing through the FCC on their way to their respective carriers. The filings, first noticed by Blog of Mobile, don’t reveal much but they are confirmation that both of these devices are moving closer to their respective release dates.

We still haven’t seen the AT&T, Sprint, and U.S. Cellular Galaxy Note 3 models pass through though we expect that to take place soon, in the weeks ahead of their arrival.

Passing through the FCC is a final hurdle for most smartphones and the fact that we’re seeing these filings this early means that these devices are on track for their early October release dates. T-Mobile will be releasing its Galaxy Note 3 on October 2nd while Verizon claims that it will ship its Galaxy Note 3 by October 10th. With the FCC approval now in effect, don’t expect these dates to change.

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Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 3 offers upgrades over the Galaxy Note 2.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is going to replace the Galaxy Note 2 as the companies flagship big-screen smartphone. It will be coming with a larger 1080p display, a 13MP camera, new faux leather back instead of polycarbonate plastic, 32GB of storage, Android Jelly Bean combined with new TouchWiz software features from Samsung and a $299.99 price tag on-contract.

Carriers are currently taking pre-orders ahead of the device’s arrival in the United States, giving buyers a chance to pick up the phone early ahead of its eventual release.


    • I haven’t seen an official date, but in the past they’ve released new devices in stores on the “ship by” date listed on pre-orders. That lines up with the fact that, historically, they’ve released new phones on Thursday…which October 10th is.

  1. Looking back at some of the previous Verizon phones that were available for pre-order, it looks like most of them shipped early (prior to the published ‘ship by’ date). It looks like last years iPhone 5, the S4, Note 2 and others shipped anywhere from 4 to 12 days early. What are the chances the Note 3 will ship prior to October 10th?

  2. This is the first time I’m due for an upgrade on my phone at the same time a new one is about to be released. I am so stoked!

  3. Here are the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 review,include specs,performance and speed.Galaxy Note 3 is now available online and from many retail outlets, although initial sales have been slow and even Samsung’s partners have criticized Galaxy Note 3’s performance in stores

  4. I am absolutely freaking about this phablet, I have the note 2 and love it but this is going to be awesome can’t wait to get it! !!!

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