How to Switch from iPhone to Android: The Google Way

With the impending release of the all-new Nexus 9 tablet, Nexus 6 smartphone and Android 5.0 Lollipop many users may be considering making the switch from that small iPhone to Android. Luckily for all those iOS users Google’s released a nice, simple, and easy to navigate how to guide for making the switch.

When Apple released the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus last month, they also delivered an official set of detailed instructions for users looking to switch from an Android smartphone to the new iPhone 6 in anticipation of the large screen capturing some long-lost users. It was big news, but don’t worry iPhone users, Google has something similar to bring you back to the promised land.


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Google’s sleek new Nexus 9 tablet offers stunning specs and an aluminum bezel design, as does the new 5.92-inch Nexus 6 smartphone, and they both run the latest major overhaul of the Android operating system. Over the years many have moved from iPhone to Android, but for those who haven’t out of fear of losing your pictures and music, Google has you covered.

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Nexus 9 orders will start shipping for a delivery on November 3rd for all those who pre-ordered, and the brand new Nexus 6 smartphone is set to be released around the globe and from all five major US carriers soon. Some suggest November 12th, but an exact date hasn’t been set. When it does though, you’ll want to visit this page again to learn how to move all your iPhone 5 or 5s info over to the Android world.


Simply head to and you’ll have a few simple steps to follow and you’ll quickly be done moving everything that’s important from your iPhone to Android. Google details the important things like iPhone owners music and pictures, contacts, email accounts, and even apps now that most apps are on both platforms. There’s no reason not to switch, especially when it’s this easy.

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Google’s outlined four main steps for moving from iPhone to Android, starting with the all-important music and photos. Considering most users iPhone is also their iPod. Then they go into everything else all using easy to navigate and understand guides.

Moving all your photos and music is as easy as using Google+ or Google Play Music. With Google+ you can backup all your photos from your iOS device, and instantly have them on any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer by signing into Google. It backs up 15GB worth absolutely free.


Then of course Google Play Music allows users to bring over 20,000 songs for free. Simply use the Google Music Manager on your Macbook or computer with iTunes, and following Google’s dead simple instructions it will copy and upload every iTunes song to the Google Cloud, accessibly anywhere with internet.

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It’s all pretty simple really. Google is using many of the tools already in place, and just making them more widely known and giving iPhone users quick instructions to complete the tasks.

After music and photos Google shows users how to transfer all their contacts, how to setup email and messaging (as well as turning off iMessage) and ends with apps. Many have talked about the app ecosystem for years, but these days nearly everything is available on the Google Play Store that you can find in Apple’s App Store. And if it isn’t, an equal or better alternative has been made by any of the millions of Android developers.

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Google even provides step-by-step instructions for dealing with your contacts in iCloud as well. This is a very simple yet thorough set of instructions users can easily follow to quickly get up and running on a new Nexus 6, Galaxy S5, LG G3, or any other Android device in as little time as possible.

If you skipped the iPhone 6 and will be jumping ship to Google’s new Nexus 6 or the Galaxy Note 4, give the guide above a try and let us know how it goes in the comment section below.