How to Control Your MacBook with Android

If you’re one of the millions of Android smartphone or tablet owners that also happens to own a Macbook, using the two together isn’t nearly as hard as many would have you believe. Yes Android and iOS users may not get along, but using your Android smartphone to control your Mac is actually extremely easy. Here we’ll show you how to control your Mac from an Android device.

Our smartphones have been able to control certain aspects of our computers for years, but we recently received a question about using an Android device as a remote control for a Macbook, and it’s actually very easy. Rather than buy an expensive Apple remote control, just get the free app mentioned below and you’re all set.


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Previously users needed to do some rather technical things and set up server software in order to control their Mac with Android, but these days there are countless apps that make this extremely convenient task very easy. If you want to control your Mac from Android to watch movies and more, read on for the quick details and instructions.



These apps aren’t anything new, and have been available for years along with countless others like TeamViewer, but the best one we’ve come across is a free app on the Google Play Store simply called Mac Remote. This free app has a built-in tutorial that will get you setup and controlling your Mac with Android in minutes, and it is so easy everyone can do it.


Once you’ve downloaded and setup the Mac Remote app and changed a few settings (which we’ll mention below) on your Mac, you’ll be able to control your Macbook from your Android device. Things like iTunes, iPhoto, Quicktime, Spotify, VLC Video Player and much more. This is great for presentations, watching movies, and so many other things. It’s an extremely useful tool so lets get started.


To start head to the Google Play Store and download the app called Mac Remote. Once you’ve downloaded the app simply open it and follow all the on-screen prompts in the tutorial. It explains everything for you. Rather than do all the crazy server stuff from prior years, you’ll just have to head into system preferences and allow remote login, give the app your Macbook IP address, and everything is controlled over Wi-Fi. It’s that easy.


Start by clicking the Apple at the top left and heading into System Preferences, then select Sharing as shown above. Once in sharing you’ll simply follow the on-screen prompts inside the Mac Remote app and tap Sharing > then click to enable Remote Login.



Once you’ve enabled Remote Login you’ll want to write down the IP of your Mac. It will look something similar to the “” shown in the screenshot above.

Next simply open up the Mac Remote app on your smartphone, tap connect, and follow the instructions. You’ll put in your Computer name (without a space) the Password, and the IP numbers you just wrote down and hit connect. If all done correctly, you’ll be connected and have access to control tons of apps and features with your Android like it is a remote.


Along with the ability to access the programs listed above, you can also use Mac Remote to adjust the brightness, change the volume, sleep your Mac, or even shut down the computer. It’s a very handy tool, and if you pay for the premium option you’ll get rid of the ads and get full support for the File Browser for even more control over your Mac.


That’s it and you’re all done. You now can control tons of aspects of your MacBook all simply by using your Android smartphone or tablet. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions in the comment section below.