5 Things I’d Change About the Galaxy Nexus

Back in December, Google, Samsung and Verizon teamed up to a release one of the most anticipated smartphones of all-time in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. We reviewed the phone and I, along with the rest of my cohorts here at GBM, came to the conclusion that the Galaxy Nexus is up there with the best Android smartphones of all time.

No small feat considering the shear enormity of the Android lineup.

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That being said, there are some things that I would have changed about the Galaxy Nexus if I had the ability to.

Here are those things.

5 Things I'd Change About the Galaxy NexusThe Battery

The battery on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus would be the absolute first thing I would change. I’m not quite sure if Samsung realized that it was developing a 4G LTE smartphone when it decided to throw in the1835 mAh battery that comes stock with the Galaxy Nexus.

I’ve already written in detail about how my battery life is terrible and the sad thing is, it’s terrible even with the extended battery that I bought for an extra $50.

First of all, I shouldn’t have to buy an extended battery just to get stable and non-frustrating battery life from my smartphone. It should work well from the start. And secondly, if I am forced to buy the extended battery, it should be bigger than 2100 mAh.

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This is my biggest gripe with the Galaxy Nexus and quite frankly, it has been one of the reasons I’ve gone back to my iPhone 3GS as my main device.

So, if had the ability to travel back in time, I’d tell Samsung to toss in the same battery that’s in the Droid RAZR MAXX, You know, the 3,330 mAh one that was able to fit inside of a phone with a 8.9mm thin design.

The Size

A lot of you like the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus sports a 4.65-inch display. Sometimes I do too especially when I am watching sports highlights, but more often then not, the footprint is just way too big for me.

I’ve often said that my ideal screen size for a phone is 4-inches and that’s what I would have changed the Galaxy Nexus to had I had the opportunity. Small enough so it doesn’t feel like I am holding a brick and large enough so basketball players don’t look like ants on the screen.

The Build Quality

This is tough because I don’t exactly hate the Galaxy Nexus design. But, I think it could have been better. And how could Samsung have gone about doing that?

By making it less plastiky. Honestly, it just feels cheap and a $300 phone should not feel cheap.

It also doesn’t have that sturdy, build-quality that’s found on Motorola devices, which is something that I absolutely love.

Translation: It could have been built better.

5 Things I'd Change About the Galaxy Nexus

A larger battery would have been nice.

The Camera

The rear camera on the Galaxy Nexus leaves a lot of be desired. It doesn’t come anywhere close to the camera found on the iPhone 4S, a phone that the Galaxy Nexus is supposedly competing with.

Sure, it has a lot of nice options once I take the picture but those don’t matter when the pictures don’t look good to begin with.

The Speakers

And lastly, the speakers. The main speaker on the Galaxy Nexus is absurdly quiet. This is not good for a phone that boasts a massive footprint and 4G LTE speeds. Why? Because the whole point of both of those is to be able to stream glorious content in a speedy manner.

How am I supposed to enjoy said content when I can barely hear it?

Now, I realize that there is no such thing as perfection when it comes to smartphones. However, I think all of these are certainly doable and I think that Samsung may just answer a few of them with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S III.

At least I hope it does.

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Anyway,  now that I’ve thrown myself to the wolves, I have to ask all of you.

What would you change about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus? Anything? Nothing?

I’d love to hear from you.