8 Best Galaxy S7 Screen Protectors

This quick guide and roundup details some of the best Galaxy S7 screen protectors. Its big 5.1-inch HD display is usually the first thing damaged, but we can keep it new for years to come. Below are a few excellent options to protect your fancy or new phone from daily abuse.

Back in February last year Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, and they’ve been popular ever since. With the Note 7 recall, more users than ever before are choosing the Galaxy S7. Even into 2017. Which means owners will need accessories.

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Screen protectors are something not everyone chooses to use, but it can save your phone in the case of an accidental drop. Even if you don’t have the curved S7 Edge, protection is still a good idea. Below we’ll detail what’s available and why real glass options are the best bet.


While we’ve already detailed some excellent official accessories for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge for buyers, as well as a slew of cases, users who just bought the Galaxy S7 or replaced the Note 7 will need protection. The best choice is a tempered glass protector, and we’ll recommend a few below.

Out of the box the Galaxy S7 is very durable. Samsung’s added a scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass 4 technology to both the front and the back glass. It’s also IP68 dust and water-resistant, so it’s far more durable than last year. That said, screens can still scratch or shatter.

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When it comes to protecting a smartphone, the biggest concern is usually the display. Screens are one of the first things to get damaged on a smartphone. Often getting broken due to drops, scratched from keys in a pocket or purse and many other scenarios. Luckily for owners there is a wide array of screen protectors to save the day. You don’t want to buy those “HD Clear” covers or film either, we have something better.

Rather than get a cheap regular screen protector that comes in a 3-pack from a carrier store, buy something good. If it’s cheap, it probably won’t do that great of a job protecting your $700 smartphone. Although many brands now offer 2-packs of glass protection. Yes, they come in the same strengthened and hardened “tempered” glass as the actual phone. So it feels the same, looks great, and if it gets scratched just take it off. That’s what we’ll be focusing on here today, not those cheap ones.

Companies like ZAGG come to mind, who has some great Galaxy S7 screen protectors, but they aren’t the only ones. Check out our list of a few great choices below.

Spigen Glas.tR Slim Galaxy S7 Screen Protector

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Spigen Glas.tR Slim Galaxy S7 Screen Protector

One of the pioneers and first to offer excellent durable and strengthened real glass screen protectors for smartphones was Spigen. Their extremely popular Glas.t lineup has evolved into some of the best glass screen protectors for any smartphone.

Spigen has moved their official store to eBay instead of Amazon, so there's no Prime shipping, but shipping is fast, easy, and completely free. Making it cheaper to buy it on eBay than anywhere else.

The Spigen Glas.tR Slim Galaxy S7 screen protector is one of the slimmest all-glass protectors available, being only 0.02mm thick. It has anti-scratch, anti-shatter, and anti-glare properties, and will also help with fingerprints while protecting that beautiful 5.1-inch Galaxy S7 display.

Buy it Now on eBay for $7.99

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