Amazon Announcing Kindle Tablet on September 28th?

Amazon has started sending out invites for a press event scheduled to take place in New York City on September 28th and there is rampant speculation that the company might unveil its tablet plans. Earlier this month, we heard that a device called the Kindle Tablet was a real thing and it looks like Amazon might be ready to show off its first Android tablet device.

The invite itself reveals absolutely nothing in regards to what Amazon might announce so at this point, we can only treat a tablet announcement as speculation.

The Kindle Tablet is rumored to be 7-inches and it uses backlight and not e-ink like previous versions of the Kindle. Amazon is also expected to offer competitive pricing in an attempt to battle Apple’s iPad 2 and the rumored pricing has been $250 which would make it several hundred dollars less than Apple’s tablet.

Amazon Invite

It’s believed that a Wi-Fi only version will be the only variant available at the start and that it will have a ton of Amazon applications on board when it arrives including its very own App Store, Music Service and Player, and Movie Player. It’s also expected to have deep cloud integration as it’s rumored to possess a mere 6GB of internal storage space.

There is also a rumored 10-inch version but that tablet isn’t expected to hit shelves until 2012.

As for a release date, we’ve heard November and this event seems to jive with that.

Via: BGR