Android 3.4 Ice Cream Sandwich Coming in Q4

Google finally made the official name and launch window of the next major Android update known as the company announced that Android 3.4 Ice Cream Sandwich would be arriving in Q4 of 2011 and it will be a combination of both a tablet and a smartphone OS and it should launch across the board on all Android devices.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich

According to Google, the operating system is going to be able to adapt to whatever device it is running on and will feature a state of the art UI and advanced app framework. Google is stating that Android 3.4 will be “one OS everywhere” which means that the company seems to be taking the steps toward getting rid of Android fragmentation.

The company was also quick to note that the software will remain open source. Android 3.4 Ice Cream Sandwich will also include several enhancements including face recognition technology as well as improvement to the camera interface found on Android. And as its the next big Android update, those will definitely not be the only new things we see arrive with it.

Google has stated that Android Ice Cream Sandwich will be out at some point in Q4 of this year.