Android 4.0 Confirmed for 2011 Sony Ericsson Xperia Lineup

Sony Ericsson has gone ahead and done something fairly unexpected. It has confirmed that its 2011 Xperia lineup, which consists of a grand total of 10 devices, will all receive the boost up to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Not a lot of manufacturers have been this brazen with their announcements so let’s hope Sony is able to stick to its word and roll out the software for all of the phones listed.

Speaking of roll out, unfortunately, Sony Ericsson didn’t announce when the devices would see the update only that the update would be coming. You can just assume that 2012 is when you’ll see the upgrade.

Android 4.0

So which phones will be seeing it? Here is the list:

  • Xperia Active
  • Xperia Arc
  • Xperia Arc S
  • Xperia Play
  • Xperia Neo
  • Xperia Neo V
  • Xperia Mini
  • Xperia Mini Pro
  • Xperia Ray
  • Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman

If you got one of those, you’re in the clear and that’s always exciting.

We’ll update you when we get more information on timetables for each Xperia device.