AT&T Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich Update Delayed

Earlier this week, the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III Ice Cream Sandwich update became available through Samsung Kies. However, it looks like the update has been halted due to technical issues.

We received several tips from readers who claimed that the Ice Cream Sandwich update was unavailable through Samsung Kies. And now it appears that an AT&T representative has confirmed the bad news.

According to Phandroid, an representative said that the update has been put on hold due to technical issues. While often that means that the update has bugs attached to it, we believe that it’s because Samsung Kies is currently unavailable. In fact, we’re positive that’s the reason that the update has been delayed.

The AT&T Galaxy S II update has been delayed.

Here is the note that can be found on Samsung’s website:

Note: Kies will undergo routine maintenance and will be unavailable on Friday, June 22, from 11 a.m.- 9 p.m. CST. During this time, firmware upgrades will be unavailable through Kies.

We are assuming that once Samsung Kies comes back online, the AT&T Galaxy S III Ice Cream Sandwich update will once again be available to customers to download and install.

Of course, this would have been a lot smoother had AT&T rolled the update Over-the-Air, but owners are just going to have to live with the method that AT&T and Samsung decided upon.

With Android 4.0, AT&T Galaxy S II owners will be seeing all of the features that the software brings with it. Face Unlock, re-sizable widgets, and more. In addition to those features, the update should bring enhancements and bug fixes as well. Large Android updates generally do.

AT&T’s roll out means that Sprint Epic 4G Touch owners are now the only Galaxy S II owners  left waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich. Sprint has yet to give any specific plans as to the timing of the update which means that owners must still toil away not knowing when the update is going to arrive.

So, hang in there, we’ll let you know when the update becomes available again.