AT&T HTC One X Beaten to Jelly Bean, Again

The Sony Xperia TL, a device that arrived on AT&T back on November 2nd, has received its Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update today, meaning that the device has beaten the AT&T HTC One X to the Jelly Bean punch.

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Back in November, AT&T launched the Sony Xperia TL to coincide with the arrival of James Bond’s Skyfall. It’s the phone that James Bond uses in the film and it’s a phone that hit shelves with some attractive features and an even better price tag. AT&T first offered this phone for $99.99 on-contract and now, the phone is being offered for $49.99 on-contract.

The Xperia TL has received Jelly Bean today from AT&T.

The Xperia TL has received Jelly Bean today from AT&T.

Today, the phone got even more enticing as it was updated to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean from Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Its Jelly Bean update can be downloaded and installed right this very minute meaning users of the Xperia XL can snag all of the new features that come with Android 4.1. And they are many.

Android 4.1 brings a number of new features to the table including a quicker user interface, Google Now which can predict things like traffic in travel routes before users even leave the house, improved apps like Calendar and Browser and a whole lot more. It’s a big upgrade from Android 4.0 and one that users have likely been waiting for.

What’s more is that the update comes with some enhancements from Sony as well. There is an improved app tray and better camera functionality on board as well. All in all, it’s an update that Xperia TL users on AT&T will want to download and get running.

That said, it also means that the Xperia TL Jelly Bean update has beaten the AT&T HTC One X Jelly Bean update to the punch, something that previous phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Motorola Atrix HD have done as well.

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The HTC One is still without Jelly Bean on AT&T.

The HTC One is still without Jelly Bean on AT&T.

AT&T’s 2012 flagship remains on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, something that has certainly stirred up frustration amongst the AT&T HTC One X community. The roll out for the global HTC One X started all the way back in October meaning owners of the device on AT&T have had to wait for more than four months for the update’s arrival.

The carrier still has not confirmed a release date for the software meaning that, unlike Xperia TL owners, HTC One X owners on AT&T will have to continue to wait for the Jelly Bean update.