AT&T iPhone 5 May Also Be Using LTE Instead of Wi-Fi

The data leak bug that had been afflicting the Verizon iPhone 5 until a patch was issued to correct the fix may also be affecting the AT&T iPhone 5 as well.

According to 9to5Mac and posts on Apple’s Discussion forums, the data leak issue where cellular data is being used even when the device is connected to Wi-Fi, may be happening to owners of AT&T’s iPhone 5.

Owners of the device are saying that their AT&T Phone 5 is racking up lots of data over cellular even when the device isn’t on cellular. It’s the same issue that was once thought to be a Verizon iPhone 5 issue only but it looks like it may be found on AT&T’s iPhone 5 and quite possibly on Sprint’s iPhone 5 as well.

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The AT&T iPhone 5 may be affected by the data leak bug as well.

This is a huge problem as many iPhone 5 owners are on tiered data plans with data usage limits and penalties for overages. Some owners are reporting that they have gone over their tiered data plan and now have racked up huge overage charges due to the bug.

Fortunately, Apple released a patch for the Verizon iPhone 5 that seems to have cleared things up. As of yet, AT&T and Sprint iPhone 5 models have yet to receive such a patch which means owners are still dealing with this issue.

Those who own the Verizon iPhone 5 are encouraged to get the patch up and running as soon as possible so as not to incur any more cellular data usage over Wi-Fi.

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iPhone 5 owners on AT&T and Sprint who may be experiencing a similar issue may see a patch roll out soon if there is indeed an issue plaguing the device.

I can confirm that I am not seeing any abnormalities on my AT&T iPhone 5, at least not yet.

Are any of you with AT&T or Sprint iPhone 5’s seeing this issue with your cellular data? And if so, have you gone over your usage limit?