AT&T One X Jelly Bean Update Beaten Again

Another day, another carrier beating AT&T to the HTC One X Jelly Bean update punch as TELUS in Canada has announced that it is now rolling out its One X Android 4.1 update leaving owners of the AT&T version of the device frustrated.

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Since the latter half of 2012, owners of AT&T’s HTC One X have been wondering where their update to Jelly Bean might be. Specifically, owners have been waiting since October for a sign of the update as October marked the beginning of the HTC One X Jelly Bean roll out. The roll out, which began in regions across the globe, has started to trickle to North America in recent weeks with Canadian carrier Rogers updating its One X with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and now TELUS rolling out its version of the update.


The AT&T HTC One X Jelly Bean update remains missing.

TELUS made the announced over Twitter, confirming that the update is now rolling out Over-the-Air, and also saying that the update is available to pull through the device’s settings for those that don’t wish to wait for the roll out to arrive.

The update will be a huge upgrade over Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the phone’s previous operating system, and it’s an update that owners of the TELUS HTC One X are going to wait to download and install as quickly as possible.

Of course, this roll out also means that another North American carrier has beaten AT&T to the HTC One X update, something that has left owners of the One X extremely peeved. What’s worse is that there is currently no time table for the update’s release on AT&T as neither AT&T nor HTC has made it clear as to when AT&T One X owners should expect the update to arrive.

Instead, owners are still in the dark, nearly four months after the HTC One X Jelly Bean update started rolling out to One X owners around the globe. It’s possible that AT&T may make the jump straight to Android 4.2 but given how many other One X variants were updated to Android 4.1, that seems like a long shot.