CTIA Fall 2011: Kupa X11 Tablet with Atom, Digitizer, Windows 7/8

Kupa’s X11 tablet with Windows 7–and Windows 8 preview–was a surprise entry in San Diego at the CTIA trade show as it was surrounded by a number of Android tablets. That said, Kupa’s X11 runs on an Intel Atom processor and utilizes a fan design to aid with cooling. The device has a metal back side as well to help with heat dissipation.

The tablet itself can be configured to come with a SIM slot for 3G mobile broadband connectivity. Additionally, with Windows 7, an SSD drive, and an Atom processor, many of your standard Windows programs will work on the tablet as it is designed to be a lightweight productivity tablet, unlike Android tablets which are more geared at content consumption.

According to Kupa, you should get approximately 10 hours of use on the X11 tablet. The device also comes with an active digitizer in addition to the capacitive touchscreen display that can register pressure sensitivity pen input so you can use the tablet to draw or manipulate digital images. The tablet itself is shipping with Windows 7, though Kupa was showing off a version with a preview version of Windows 8 pre-loaded, and performance was pretty snappy on Windows 8.

You can learn more about the X11 tablet through Kupa’s website. Pricing starts at $699 for the slate for a WiFi-only model with a 64 GB SSD. A 3G model with the same capacity drive will cost an extra $100.