Dell declares Mini-9 “end of life”

According to David Meyer at CNET, Dell has surrendered the Mini-9 to the “end-of-life” bucket.

What does this mean for the netbook, and mobile computing markets?

Dell’s 10-inch and 8.9-inch displays are the same resolution. Does this mean that netbook buyers have declining eyesight?

When Microsoft introduced the UMPC, the OEMs at the time were dual-purposing readily available low-res, 7″ DVD-player displays. Could it be that UMPCs failed because the screens simply weren’t big enough?

According to other postings around the web, netbooks are scheduled to get even slower. Does performance not matter to netbook users? I’ve used an Atom-powered PC (designed for embedded/single-purpose use) running Windows and it made my hair curl, in a bad way. Anyone who knows or has seen me, knows that’s a major feat.

You people who surf the ‘net on your phones – what is it that makes that experience acceptable to you? The slimmed-down-for-phones webpages? The fact that you’re always connected? The fact that it’s the device you always have with you? I personally can’t get behind data on my phone because a) I’m a Luddite; and b) I can’t figure out how to get useful information out of that tiny porthole of a display.

I have long been a price/performance sweetspot-chaser. In the last couple of years, the price of a full-on 15″ laptop has gotten to within spitting distance of a smaller 10″ netbook. Why do people choose the netbook when they could have a full-featured, 5-lb laptop for about $75 more?

photo courtesy Dell and CNET

photo courtesy Dell and CNET