Dell Streak 7 Gets Discontinued

Back in August, Dell discontinued the first of its tablet phone hybrids, the Dell Streak 5. It wasn’t a shocking move considering the company launched a new and improved model, the Dell Streak 7. Well, now it appears that it’s the Dell Streak 7‘s turn to head off into the sunset as Dell has posted a cryptic message on the Streak 7’s website alerting consumers to the fact that the device is no longer available online.

So now that it’s not being offered online, it seems the only way to get one would be to go through a third party retailer, happen upon one at a store, or snag the 4G version through T-Mobile.

Dell hasn’t offered up any information so if you were planning on snagging one of these, you might want to get on that immediately.

Dell Streak 7

The Dell Streak 7 lived for just around a year as it was introduced back in January.


Via: SlashGear