Do the Mobile Platform App Wars Matter?

I noticed an item this morning or yesterday that said that Microsoft’s Live Messenger app had been downloaded over a million times. That got me to thinking a bit. As someone who is happily platform agnostic I find that good news. Folks who like Messenger and who use an iPhone aren’t limited by some sort of platform prejudice or differentiation factor from the manufacturers. (Of course it could be argued that Apple has not much to lose in this case because Microsoft’s Mobile platform is withering a bit and hoping for a resurrection when Windows Phone 7 gets released.

But there are indeed applications that only end up on one platform or another, and of course this is most evident in the battles now in full stride between Google and Apple. Some apps happily coexist on both Android and iOS. Some don’t, and the way I read things that will continue, whether it be a competition thing, or just silly game playing.

But back to the Messenger app thing for a moment. The other interesting thing that news item tells me is that there are quite a few users who either don’t care about the whole branding/differentiation thing as long as they can use whatever apps they want on whatever device they want. Of course in today’s crazy App centric world there are always alternatives to most solutions as well.

So, admitting that I might be overreaching, here’s the question: Does being able to have an app on only one device affect your mobile gadget purchasing decision?