Ergotron WorkFit C Stand Up Desk Reviewed

I’ve been standing up to work a lot more lately in an effort improve my health. I recently reviewed the Ergotron Workfit S, a system that clamps onto any normal desk. I really enjoy using it, but it does make having a normal desk kind of pointless. Enter the Ergotron Workfit C, a self-contained standing desk that Josh Smith has been using.

The WorkFit C is portable, which means you can move it from room to room.

Like myself, Josh is working to improve his health. After several chiropractor treatments and a month of using the Workfit C he’s able to stand for about three-quarters of the day. This standing desk costs about $900, which might sound like a lot, but there’s really no excuse to be forced to sit for eight or more hours per day in a cube.

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