Galaxy Nexus Release Delays Made Me an iPhone 4S User

After becoming a convert from iPhone to Android, I wanted a Galaxy Nexus. It looked like a hot phone that had some awesome features.

I was using a Samsung Infuse 4G when I made my decision regarding my next phone. I like Android and made the shift away from iOS without too much pain, missing only a few of my old apps. Most of them had decent Android counterparts.

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My plan was to get another Android phone. When I learned about all the features of the Galaxy Nexus I was hooked, at first. Eventually, even these tempting features couldn’t keep my interest because of one missing piece of information — a definitive release date. This caused me to go with the iPhone 4S instead of the Galaxy Nexus.

Galaxy Nexus Prime

I’m impatient with my tech and wasn’t going to put up with the problems I had with the Infuse 4G until the rumored November release date of the Galaxy Nexus. While I wanted a large screen device that was fast and fluid, I compromised on the screen size when I looked into Siri and all that it could do and potentially will do once it exits beta.

The iPhone 4S isn’t a perfect device and I still often miss the large four inch plus sized screens offered on most Android phones. However, my second biggest frustration with iOS compared to Android was the horrible iOS keyboard. Siri makes that a moot point since I type far less on my iPhone. Android’s voice recognition seldom worked well for me.

I truly believe that if Samsung had given me a firm release date that was within a few weeks of the release of the iPhone 4S I would have continued my Android experience. I’d have left AT&T and iPhone for good, or at least for two years. Whoops!

Now I’m pretty happy with my choice and since I’m an AT&T customer it won’t cost me the hundreds of dollars I would have had to spend breaking my contract to go Verizon. I was willing to pay if the phone had shipped in a timely manner and I may regret my decision once I play with the Galaxy Nexus.

Maybe you’ll be reading a post in the next month about how I’ve flip-flopped again, but I doubt it.