HTC ThunderBolt Gets An Easy Root Method

Shortly after the HTC ThunderBolt launched on March 17th, developers were able to achieve root. However, that root method was a difficult road for those with only a tiny bit of rooting experience and downright impossible for those who made the HTC ThunderBolt their first Android device.

HTC ThunderBolt

Well, XDA Developers (via Android Central) has thankfully supplied ThunderBolt owners with an easier root option. Rooting, for those here that just picked up an Android device for the first time, essentially allows you to take complete control  over the customization of your ThunderBolt. You can install custom ROMs (themes/skins/UI’s) or even get rid of bloatware (pre-installed applications) that you don’t deem necessary.

This root method here requires a couple of things that some owners might not have. First, it requires Windows. Sorry, Mac owners, the root method won’t work for you.

Second, you’ll need to have a ThunderBolt with a firmware version below 1.12.605.9.

Third, you will need to follow instructions carefully. As with any root method, there is always the possibility that the phone could brick if the procedure is not followed correctly, so if this is your first rodeo be very, very careful. After all, you’re doing this at your own risk.

For those worried about problems, there are a couple of known bugs but nothing too sinister and certainly nothing that would prevent using this route. So, for those that have been waiting for a painless way to route the ThunderBolt, today is your lucky day.