HTC ThunderBolt Update Coming by Thanksgiving?

Earlier this month, we told you that the HTC ThunderBolt Ice Cream Sandwich update could be in its final stages of testing with a roll out possibly coming by the end of October. With Halloween landing tomorrow, and no sign of the update, it’s pretty clear that the HTC ThunderBolt ICS update likely won’t arrive this month. Now, we’re hearing that Verizon is hoping to roll out an HTC ThunderBolt update, possibly ICS, by Thanksgiving.

We have been tipped by a reader who claims that he spoke to Verizon about connectivity issues that he has been having with his HTC ThunderBolt. He was issued service tickets by both HTC and Verizon. Verizon called him to let him know that they were closing his ticket because the carrier was planning to issue an update that would fix these connectivity issues.

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He then asked when he might expect the update and was told that Verizon was hoping to get it out by Thanksgiving. Another representative said that the update would be issued “very soon.” The same type of thing happened shortly before the Verizon Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean update so it could be that something will happen in the next couple of weeks.

Now, Ice Cream Sandwich was never explicitly mentioned though we have our suspicions that it might be the long-awaited update.


An HTC ThunderBolt update, possibly Ice Cream Sandwich, could arrive by Thanksgiving.

As we said when we first told you about the possibility of an October roll out, software roll outs are always subject to a change of date. It could be that HTC and Verizon did have October in mind earlier this month but that set backs or bugs made it impossible for them to release it. The same thing could happen with this update though it is a little reassuring that a representative was confident enough to close a ticket and make a claim like that.

So whether or not it’s Ice Cream Sandwich remains to be seen but it’s looking like an update might be on the way for the HTC ThunderBolt, hopefully by Thanksgiving.

HTC and Verizon have yet to cancel the update and that is actually a good sign for owners. It means that one or both of them is still working on the software and that a roll out is still within the realm of possibility.

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Now that it has been two months since the promised roll out date passed, we’re hoping that we hear something concrete in the next few weeks and this new little tidbit has us feeling optimistic.

Keep in mind though, this is a rumor, and it’s not worth getting excited about just yet.

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