Ice Cream Sandwich 2 Minute Video Tour Highlights New Android Features

The next version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich is expected to make a public debut at the Samsung Nexus Prime event on October 11th, but one lucky eBay buyer got more than he bargained for when he bought a used Nexus S recently.

After booting up his new phone, he discovered that the device was running Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Like any good recipient of such a treat would do, he took the time to film an Android Ice Cream Sandwich tour video which you can see below.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich marks the uniting of Gingerbread (phones) and Honeycomb(tablets) into a single operating system that will work across Google Android devices. This is an exciting release, and is similar to the unification we saw with iOS.

Like with iOS 5, Ice Cream Sandwich will likely offer different features on phones compared to tablets, but we hope this will create a more unified system, which could help with app development.

Exciting features you can see in the video include,

  • Four shortcuts on the launcher bar in stock Android
  • Google Apps icon
  • Movie Studio
  • Long Press on Home delivers Honeycomb-esque multitasking menu
  • New look throughout the operating system
  • and more.
Ice Cream Sandwich video tour

Ice Cream Sandwich on the Nexus S

It appears that this was the real deal. Over at the XDA-developers forum,  the owner reports the phone was remotely wiped, likely by Google.

Via Engadget