iPhone 5 Missing Killer Features

Apple’s new iPhone 5 is certainly an improvement over the iPhone 4S, but it lacks any truly revolutionary feature. At best, the iPhone 5 is now up to speed with the rest of the industry. Thin and light is great, but the iPhone 5 is missing the wow factor.

Apple failed to introduce any killer features that put it ahead of the competition in terms of hardware. Sure, thin is nice, but there aren’t any real differentiators that its Android and Windows Phone competitors don’t have.

Here’s a list of things we wish Apple packed into the iPhone 5.

Wireless charging

IiPhone-5t’d be great to be able to throw the iPhone 5 on a charging station without fumbling around with a docking connector. The feature is present in the newly announced Nokia Lumia 920 and older smartphones. While this might not sound all that exciting to some iPhone users, it makes charging just a little easier on the go.

Best in Class Camera

The new iPhone 5 camera is a slight upgrade to the one found in the iPhone 4S. It may deliver slightly better images, but the truth of the matter is we’ll likely see too many underexposed and blurry iPhone photos shared on Facebook. It’s too bad Apple didn’t pack a Pureview-like camera into the iPhone 5. Nokia’s Pureview cameras are miles ahead the iPhone 5’s camera.

Near Field Communications (NFC)

Apple showed off Passbook, a sort of digital wallet that stores tickets, loyalty cards and gift cards at its iPhone 5 event, but it failed to introduce a Near Field Communications feature. Many Android phones already come with NFC and can be used to pay for products at physical stores. Phones like the Galaxy Nexus come with Google Wallet, an app that stores credit card info and can be used as a true digital wallet. While Apple appears to have some strong partnerships, its Passbook app is missing this critical technology.

Better Battery Life

Apple claims the iPhone 5 will run slightly longer than the iPhone 4S on a single charge. While that’s enough for some users, power users need to plug in midday or use a battery case. Apple wanted the Phone 5 to be the thinnest smartphones though, so it kept the battery slim. Some users would’ve appreciated a bigger battery instead of a thinner design. Thinness doesn’t matter if your iPhone is dead.

iOS 6 Surprises

Apple typically holds back a surprise software feature or two before introducing its new iOS devices. Unfortunately, Apple didn’t reveal anything groundbreaking in terms of software. Sure, iPhone 5 users will get Panorama mode and driving directions, but Apple didn’t have any big software surprises.

Better Siri

Apple sure likes to advertise its Siri feature, but many users gave up on Siri shortly after unpacking their iPhone 4S’ and New iPads. The service simply doesn’t function as advertised. The service can be very frustrating to use and it is temperamental, sporadically refusing to provide responses.

It’s time for Siri to grow up, especially if Apple’s going to continue hammering the feature into potential buyers’ minds on network television.


Apple’s made a habit of introducing useful accessories alongside its iOS devices. The iPhone 5 doesn’t even get a simple bumper case. The only accessories Apple introduced for the iPhone 5 are a couple of 30-pin docking adapters. Apple failed to introduce an iPhone dock that keeps the iPhone 5 standing upright.