iPhone Security Not Enough for Presidential Use

During a health care speech at the White House on Wednesday, President Obama said that he’s not allowed to use an iPhone due to “security reasons.” Instead, the president uses a BlackBerry device, which are well known for being secure, thanks to the company’s focus on enterprise use.

iPhone security is apparently not up to par with the standards of the US government, and the White House isn’t allowing the President to have an iPhone, even though both of his daughters have one. The Department of Defense at the Pentagon is opening its doors to the iPhone and some Android devices, specifically Samsung handsets that use the company’s new Knox security system, which was approved by the Department of Defense earlier this year.

However, it seems only BlackBerry devices can be used when it’s the President we’re talking about. The topic came up during Obama’s speech on health care when comparing your monthly phone bill to the cost of government-aided health care that would be less than $100 per month. Obama says that most people probably spend way more money per month on their cable or phone bills.

While BlackBerry might be the President’s phone of choice, he actually had to convince the White House to use a BlackBerry when he was first inaugurated. The Secret Service were worried that his BlackBerry device would be prone to hacking, allowing unauthorized eyes to see the President’s messages and top-secret information.

Overall, though, the restriction of iPhones and Android devices from being used by the President isn’t much of a surprise, as the White House is careful as far what devices can be used by the Commander in Chief, but this could give Apple more reason to beef up its security measures with its smartphone and tablet, although President Obama does use an iPad, but it’s not said what the exception is as far as that’s concerned.