Leaked Photo Shows Alleged Smaller iPhone 5 Dock Connector Cable

The iPhone 5 and the rest of the new Apple products may receive a new dock connector when they launch this fall.

The new smaller dock connector isn’t confirmed, but Veister, a USB cable design and manufacturing company based in China shares images of what it claims to be the iPhone 5 USB cable.

The company shares a photo of the alleged iPhone 5 dock connector cable on Twitter and with iLounge.

iPhone 5 USB Cable

Claimed new iPhone 5 USB cable.

The image shows a typical white iPhone USB cable with a standard USB connection on one end and a new smaller connection on the iPhone end of the cable. It’s not clear if Veister is showing off a prototype of the official iPhone 5 USB cable or an aftermarket replacement.

The iPhone end of the cable looks thinner than the current iPhone 5 dock connector, moving the pins to the outside of the cable instead of inside a metal casing. It’s not clear from this photo if the iPhone 5 USB cable is capable  of fitting in the new iPhone in either direction or if the cable features MagSafe connectivity.

Why a New iPhone 5 Cable

Switching to a new dock connection is a major change for Apple, with ramifications for charging, syncing and using accessories. This isn’t a change Apple would make on a whim. Here are some reasons Apple might switch to a smaller iPhone 5 dock connector, and why it could add this to all the iPhone, iPad and iPod products this fall.

Industry insider Robert Scoble shares 5 reasons the iPhone 5 will use a smaller dock connector.

iPhone 5 dock connector

Smarter iPhone Cable – Apple could use the new cable to lock down knock off cables that don’t pay Apple a licensing fee. A small chip inside the cable could prevent charging and syncing with a cheap unlicensed iPhone 5 cable.

Thinner Gadgets – The thickness of the current dock connector limits the ability to make the iPhone thinner and smaller. By switching to a thinner dock connector Apple might be able to deliver the 7.6mm thin iPhone 5 we’ve heard about.

Waterproof iPhone – The smaller dock connector could play a role in waterproofing the iPhone with technology from HzO or help prevent damage by offering a smaller opening.

Magnetic Connection – As mentioned, Apple could opt to place magnets that guide the cable into the dock connector and allow for easy removal.

Better Microphones – With more space on the bottom of the iPhone, Apple could use better placed microphones, improving Siri’s ability to understand and respond, especially in noisy environments.

iPhone 5 Features

In addition to the smaller dock, leaks and rumors point to a taller iPhone 5 with a 4-inch Retina Display. The new iPhone may be as thin as 7.6mm and should stay about the same width. The larger display would offer 17% more viewing area without a large increase in iPhone 5 size.

Apple is expected to include 4G LTE connectivity in the iPhone 5. This is a first for the iPhone, delivering upload and download speeds much faster than 3G and the faux 4G AT&T advertises. The new iPhone will also possibly use a faster A5X processor with better graphics.

We expect Apple will announce the iPhone 5 at a launch event on September 12th. Rumors suggest Apple will start taking iPhone 5 preorders later that day.

The iPhone 5 release date is not official, but based on cancelled vacations and leaks looks good for September 21st.

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