LTE Galaxy Nexus Shows Off Its Thickness, All-Black Design

Like many of you, we have been wondering how the LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus stacks up size wise with the GSM model. Samsung previously confirmed that the LTE model would be slightly thicker then its counterpart and today, we have our first look at how they compare as Droid-Life has cleverly put images of both side by side.

Apparently, Google updated its Galaxy Nexus splash page with an image of the 4G LTE version and the first thing that jumps out is the color difference. The LTE version looks less metallic and adds a ton of black.

Personally, the GSM version looks a lot better but it’s not like the black looks horrible.

LTE Galaxy Nexus

In addition, we get a glimpse of them side-by-side which should put to rest any worries any of you might have had about the thickness of the LTE model. You can definitely see a difference but honestly, it’s not a deal-breaker.

LTE Galaxy Nexus

The LTE Galaxy Nexus is still 9.47mm and that’s still very thin. Not Droid RAZR thin. But thin.

Verizon’s LTE model should be out at some point in December.