Next Amazon Kindle Tablet to Have 8.9-Inch Form Factor, Not 10-Inch Display

After having recently announced the Kindle Fire tablet–a 7-inch Android Gingerbread tablet with dual-core processor and a customized UI layer–Amazon’s second tablet offering is now rumored to have an 8.9-inch form factor and not the larger 10.1-inch display that’s typically common on today’s Honeycomb slates. The 8.9-inch form factor will make the tablet still small and portable while increasing the screen area. Speculations of the new tablet display size comes by way of DigiTimes, which claims its supplier sources say that Amazon is now revising its product plans.

Amazon is likely to change its product roadmap by shifting the display size of its next-generation Kindle Fire to 8.9-inch instead of 10.1-inch as originally planned, according to sources in Amazon’s supply chain. Following the launch of the 8.9-inch tablets, Amazon may also release 9.7- to 10.1-inch models in 2012, said the sources.

The 10.1-inch display is still a possibility down the road, but it seems that Amazon is inching upwards to the larger size.

In the past, an Amazon tablet with the code name of Hollywood is said to sport a quad-core Tegra 3 Kal-el chipset. It’s unclear if the 8.9-inch tablet that’s being speculated now will retain the quad-core processor support.

If Amazon continues its pricing strategy that debuted with the Kindle Fire, the next tablet will also see competitive pricing that may undercut most competitors’ prices on the market today.

 Via: 9to5 Google