Nexus 4 8GB Shipping Faster than Advertised

While the Google Play Store lists the Nexus 4 8GB as shipping out in two to three weeks, it appears that some buyers are seeing their device ship out much earlier than that with several Nexus 4 customers reporting that Google shipped their orders out about 48 hours after purchasing the company’s latest and greatest Nexus.

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Earlier this week, we saw both the Nexus 4 8GB and Nexus 4 16GB shipping times shift from their previous spots on the Google Play Store. Originally, when the devices came back into stock last week, Google listed them as shipping out in one to two weeks but both of those shipping times changed soon after the devices arrivals.


The Nexus 4 8GB is listed at shipping out in two to three weeks, which doesn’t seem to be accurate at all. At least for some.

The first one to see a change was the Nexus 4 8GB which moved backward to two to three weeks, which, is where the device currently resides. The Nexus 16GB made some different moves, first showing shipping times under a week, and then, yesterday, shifting to the same two to three week shipping time frame as the 8GB Nexus 4.

And while this certainly paints a bit of a frustrating picture for those that want the Nexus 4 in the near future, it looks like Google is shipping out some orders well ahead of their advertised shipping dates.

Specifically, it looks like the Nexus 4 8GB is shipping out much faster than its listed shipping time frame. Gotta Be Mobile has heard from several Nexus 4 8GB buyers who say that is the case with one sending in evidence showing a purchase made on Sunday shipping out this morning.

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The Nexus 4 8GB is shipping out faster than advertised.

We aren’t sure if the Nexus 4 16GB is being given the same type of treatment but we can only assume that Google is also shipping those units out faster than the shipping times listed on the Google Play Store.

This means that those who might be apprehensive about buying a Nexus 4 due to the two to three week wait shouldn’t be. Of course, we can’t speak for every single Nexus 4 buyer out there but it’s clear that Google is working extremely hard to get the Nexus 4 out to customers in a speedy fashion.

These shipping times are much better than the ones that customers encountered back in November and December when both variants of the Nexus 4 saw lengthy wait times.

Those wait times then turned into a sell out, of which the Nexus 4 didn’t recover until late January when it returned to stock where it has remained ever since.