Nexus 4 Now Available in Canadian Google Play Store

Following in the footsteps of its U.S. neighbor, the Canadian Google Play Store also now has the Nexus 4 in stock ready to ship out to interested parties in just a few weeks time.

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Earlier today, the Nexus 4 made its return to the U.S. version of the Google Play Store, several weeks after the device vanished completely. Those outside of the United States are getting treated to a return of the device as well as Google’s current Nexus has been cropping up in other Google Play Store’s around the world.


The Nexus 4 has returned to the Canada.

One of those regions is Canada. Google confirmed to us that the device is now available in Canada and it appears that the Canadian Google Play Store is now showing the Nexus 4 with shipping times of one to two weeks, just like its American counterpart. That means that those who want to get the Nexus 4 in Canada soon will likely want to place an order as soon as possible.

The Nexus 4’s return to the Canadian Play Store comes many weeks after the device flipped on its “Sold Out” sign and became unavailable for users to purchase. Of course, those who were looking for a quick fix were able to buy it through third-party avenues, but those avenues likely did not feature similar pricing to Google’s.

Now though, Canadian customers can take full advantage of Google’s generous pricing which stands at $299 for a 8GB unlocked Nexus 4 and $349 for a 16GB Nexus 4. That pricing is much lower than the typical unlocked smartphone, especially one of the Nexus 4’s caliber.

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The Nexus 4 is Google’s latest Nexus smartphone and it combines Android 4.2 with a host of impressive hardware features including a large HD display, speedy quad-core processor, unique design and solid 8MP camera.

LG and Google have had a tough time keeping it in stock but it looks like those supply issues may have started to ease, more than two months after the device first launched.