Google Investigating Ongoing Nexus 7 2 Touchscreen Issues

It looks like the Nexus 7 2 Android 4.3 update that was supposed to kill off the touchscreen issues may not have fixed the problem for some new Nexus 7 owners as they are continuing to complain about problems with the device’s display while Google has promised to investigate the issue further.

Several weeks ago, Google became inundated with complaints about the new Nexus 7’s touchscreen. Users were reporting that the touchscreen was over sensitive to the point that it was difficult to drag icons without keeping a finger perfectly still. This was something that plagued our Nexus 7 2’s touchscreen as well. Other users reported that the display would register double presses on the keyboard and ghost taps where a touch wasn’t made at all.

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The Nexus 7 2 is still plagued by touchscreen issues it seems.

The Nexus 7 2 is still plagued by touchscreen issues it seems.

Google investigated the issue, and the major GPS issues as well, and it rolled out a fix that the company said would squash the touchscreen issues and the GPS bugs as well. As it turns out, the Nexus 7 touchscreen issues continue to linger and Google is now promising to investigate further.

That update, JSS15Q, rolled out to Nexus owners just a few short days ago in an attempt to resolve the issues. And while some users reported good changes, there are others, it seems, that are still experiencing the touchscreen problems with some Nexus 7 2 owners saying that the new update made things worse.

Android Police discovered a video that shows the touchscreen issues persisting after the latest JSS15Q update and it appears that Nexus 7 2 owners have continued to complain to Google about the issues.

Google claims that it’s going to keep looking into the issue due to the complaints but it’s unclear what it’s next step might be as there are whispers and theories that suggest that this could be an issue be related to hardware, something that can’t be fixed by an OTA update.

The company is likely to try another OTA update to fix the issues as a massive recall would obviously be a blight on the launch so Nexus 7 2 owners who are still experiencing the problems should expect another software update in the future.

If that doesn’t fix the issues, it could be that we see Asus and Google allow owners to replace their current Nexus 7 2 with another that features a properly calibrated touchscreen.

These issues should not come as a surprise as Nexus devices are almost always plagued by issues at launch. The original Nexus 7 dealt with both hardware and software issues and we’ve seen Android 4.3, an update only available to Nexus devices at the moment, bring a number of bugs along with it.