Samsung Epic 4G Touch Owners Reporting Ice Cream Sandwich Issues

We’ve heard from a number of Samsung Epic 4G Touch owners who are experiencing Ice Cream Sandwich issues after installing the new software.

Owners also let us know shortly after the original July 12th roll out that the Ice Cream Sandwich update was causing problems. In fact, it apparently got so bad that Sprint decided to halt the widespread roll out.

The carrier then restarted the Epic 4G Touch Ice Cream Sandwich roll out earlier this week though it’s unclear if the new roll out  solved any of the issues, as we and many Epic 4G Touch owners thought it might.


The Epic 4G Touch ICS update has brought some issues with it.

What’s clear is that that the original Ice Cream Sandwich update for Sprint’s version of the Galaxy S II is causing major problems for owners.

We’ve heard from one Epic 4G Touch owner who spoke to a Sprint representative who claimed that at least some Epic 4G Touch owners who installed the update had seen their phone lock, freeze or become unable to receive calls.

We’ve also heard from some Epic 4G Touch owners who claim that they can’t read emails and that their device’s UI is now more sluggish than before.

Epic 4G Touch owners are also complaining about the usual poor battery life that seems to come with every major Android update.

And then there are those that are not seeing any issues at all.

However, it’s pretty clear that some owners of the device are struggling at the moment so it’s our hope that Sprint will issue a bug fix in the near future.

Anyone out there with an Epic 4G Touch seeing issues, even after the second ICS roll out? Or has your update to ICS been flawless?