Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Release Date: What Not to Expect

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has become a highly anticipated smartphone among consumers now that its possible specs and launch date has come to the surface. And while we still don’t have a release date, we wanted to take a look at what consumers shouldn’t expect from the Galaxy Note 2 release date.

Last year, Samsung launched the original Samsung Galaxy Note, a device with a 5.3-inch display. Though there was skepticism early on, the device went on to sell very well and became one of AT&T’s featured 4G LTE smartphones.

And while the device is set to launch on T-Mobile in just a few days, the sequel is apparently just around the corner.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is rumored to be launching on August 15th at an event in the United States with an international launch coming later at IFA Berlin on either August 30th or August 31st.

The Galaxy Note 2 could replace the Galaxy Note soon.

It is rumored to be a vast improvement over the original Galaxy Note with specs rumored to include a 5.5-inch display with 720p HD resolution, a quad-core Exynos processor, 4G LTE data speeds, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, a design based on the Galaxy S III and an upgraded rear camera.

It’s an extremely exciting device, especially for those that love having the ability to use a stylus. However, it’s tough to get too excited about a device without a release date and that’s exactly what’s going on with the Galaxy Note 2. We have yet to see a release date rumored or otherwise.

We’ve already taken a look at what consumers should expect from the Galaxy Note 2 release date and now it’s time to take a look at what consumers should not expect from the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 release date.

A Specific Release Date

If the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is indeed announced in August of this year, don’t expect Samsung to announce a release date at the event.

While it would be nice if Samsung did announce a release date at the event, we don’t expect it to. What we expect is a vague launch month for the device, maybe September, October or November.  As we get closer to that launch month, we then expect carriers to announce specific dates.

Unfortunately, this is how Android events have worked in the past and that means that consumers shouldn’t expect Samsung or carriers to deviate from the norm.

All Four Major Carriers

Consumers hoping for a launch on all four major U.S. carriers at the beginning should not expect that to happen. Last year, the Galaxy Note launched on AT&T and that model won’t be joined by another carrier until August of this year when T-Mobile finally gets the Galaxy Note.

And because T-Mobile is getting the Galaxy Note so close to the Galaxy Note 2’s possible launch, we don’t see the carrier having the Galaxy Note 2, at least at launch.

Don’t expect all four major U.S. carriers to host the Galaxy Note 2 at launch.

AT&T, Sprint and Verizon could see it but even then, Sprint and Verizon did not carry the original Galaxy Note and there is no evidence that they will carry the sequel.

As of now, consumers shouldn’t expect any carrier but AT&T to carry the Note 2.

Flawless Launch/Shortage of Demand

This is an Android launch and Android launches rarely go off without a hitch of some sort and we could definitely see some release date confusion, especially if there are multiple carriers at launch.

It happened with the U.S. launch of the Galaxy S III and it could very well happen with the Galaxy Note 2. So consumers should not expect is a flawless launch, especially with demand for the Galaxy Note 2 already very strong.

Speaking of demand, the demand for the original Galaxy Note remains strong and interest in the Galaxy Note 2 should be even stronger.

What this means is that the device could very well sell out. Those looking to get the phone on its release date would be smart to pre-order the device ahead of its release.