Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Rumors Tip Better S Pen Performance

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which is likely months away from a release, has popped up in yet another rumor today with the device rumored to be switching from an AMOLED display to an LCD display, which could potentially help the S Pen experience.

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While all of the attention thus far in 2013 has been set upon the Samsung Galaxy S4, which is rumored for launch in just a few days, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has also been popping up in rumors well-ahead of its presumed launch later this year. The device, which has been been rumored for the second half of 2013, is the device that would replace the Galaxy Note 2 which is currently on shelves.

The Galaxy Note 3 display could ditch AMOLED for LCD.

The Galaxy Note 3 display could ditch AMOLED for LCD.

Rumors thus far have pointed to either a 6.3-inch or a 5.8-inch display with a Exynos 5 Octa quad-core processor underneath supplying ample battery life and performance. Other than those, the Galaxy Note 3 has remained a relative mystery. That is, until today, when SamMobile released a new rumor into the wild, claiming that Samsung might be ditching an AMOLED display with the Galaxy Note 3 for an LCD display from Sharp.

Samsung is evidently still in the process of deciding which display type to use with the Galaxy Note 3 though according to the source who leaked the information, Sharp’s LCD display could potentially improve the experience with the Galaxy Note 3’s S Pen. The S Pen of course is the device’s stylus that comes bundled in with the device and allows users to write and draw on the screen amongst other things.

It’s unclear just how the screen might improve the experience but as Sharp told us at CES 2013, its IGZO LCD displays, which have been rumored for the iPhone and iPad, provide not only better looking displays, but fantastic battery life, and better touch support, something that the Galaxy Note 3 and the S Pen rely on. It’s not clear if the display would be IGZO or not.

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It’s also possible that Samsung will keep an AMOLED display with the Galaxy Note 3, possibly the PHOLED display we’ve heard might be on the Galaxy S4, one that would help deliver better performance as far as battery is concerned. Keep in mind, Samsung used LCD with its Galaxy Note 8.0, which was announced last month, so anything is possible at this point.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 likely won’t be released until later this year with IFA 2013 in Germany a likely event for the Galaxy Note 3’s unveiling.