Samsung Galaxy S5 Render Shows Sleek Metal Design

A new Samsung Galaxy S5 render based on rumors shows a new Galaxy S with a sleek metal design, something that has already dominated the rumor mill, and could possibly come on board Samsung’s new Galaxy S5, a device that is thought to possibly be making its debut in January ahead of a February release.

It’s only October and already, Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors are heating up. In recent days, we’ve heard rumors that suggest that the device could possibly be coming with a new design, possibly made of aluminum parts sourced from an Apple supplier. There have also been rumors that suggest that it could have a heavily upgraded camera with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and a brand new 64-bit processor. However, it’s the metal design rumors that have the attention of consumers around the world.

For years now, Samsung has insisted on releasing plastic flagship smartphones, even as its competitors release devices with premium metal builds. Specifically, the HTC One and the iPhone 5s are both made of metal while the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3, Samsung’s two flagships, are primarily made of plastic material. Samsung defended the use of plastic earlier this year, prior to the Galaxy S4 launch, saying that it enabled them to keep supply lines churning to fulfill demand. It also allows users the ability to expand storage and easily replace the battery.

However, calls for a change in design have become increasingly loud, and we finally saw Samsung, budge, a bit, with its Galaxy Note 3. While the device is still made of plastic, it’s different than the polycarbonate design of the Galaxy S4. Instead, it uses a faux leather material. While it’s not metal, it’s a sign that Samsung is interested in changing things up.


While nothing is set in stone, designers have taken it upon themselves to dream up their own versions of the Galaxy S5. The latest comes from Tobi Hornof, courtesy of Concept-Phones, who has created his own Samsung Galaxy S5 render that is based on the metal design rumors. The render is a beautifully crafted Galaxy S5 concept, one of the best we’ve seen, and it depicts what a metal Galaxy S5 might look like compared to Samsung’s previous Galaxy devices.


Featuring an edge-to-edge display, the device is about the same size as the plastic Samsung Galaxy S4, but features far more screen real estate. It also appears to be extremely thin. There’s also a fingerprint sensor, something that Samsung reportedly explored for the Galaxy Note 3 and may add to future Galaxy-branded smartphones.

Samsung’s own Galaxy S5, which is rumored for launch in January with a release in February, may not wind up looking like Hornoff’s version of the Galaxy S5, but many consumers will likely be hoping for it to be close.