Samsung Nexus Prime Appears In Clearest Image Yet

I was pretty excited about that Samsung Nexus Prime teaser video that came out last night and I was equally excited about the second Nexus Prime teaser video that was unleashed today. Thing is, both of them only offered up a glimpse of the actual device. Fortunately, we have people like Greyhaven7 from Reddit who take matters into their own hands.

The image you see here is what Greyhaven7 was able to extract from the video by taking away the backdrop and leaving us with a gorgeous looking device that is surely going to send the Android faithful into a frenzy.

Seriously, this phone looks nothing short of gorgeous.

Samsung Nexus Prime

Now, Greyhaven7 did take it upon himself (herself?) to reduce the curve of the Nexus Prime’s display but I have a feeling that he did the right thing. Either way, this is the clearest look at the Prime yet, even if it’s only on its side.

All we need now is the a clear look at the entire phone and we’re in business.

So, what do you guys think?

It’s looking a whole lot better than the iPhone 4S, at least design wise, at this point, right?

And this is a much better view than that photo that leaked out yesterday.

Via: Phandroid